Silkie Roo Baymax

Spring Babies

Since late February, we’ve been very busy tending animal nurseries in our home.  What started out as a few meat chickens and a couple bantams, quickly turned into a half dozen MORE laying hens and seven ducks. We’re not going to discuss the ten more chicks I pick up this week OR the guineas that are on order.
I think my brain was taken over by chicken lovin’ aliens, because we had NO room for all those new birds.  David and his dad have worked for almost a month building us two brand new HUGE coops for the ladies. Once I finish painting the floors and we get the nesting boxes installed there will be a huge moving party where we will relocate all the chickens to their new digs.
As if chickens and ducks weren’t enough chaos in our house, we finally get them all moved outside and I went and brought home a bottle baby buckling! It was a rough 48 hours trying to get him to accept a bottle from his new family, but as of last night he’s been drinking up a storm!
Our Bottle Baby Buckling
Our plowed fields are 85% planted, just waiting for the last seeds to arrive in the mail. When the rain lets up later this week, Doodlebug and I will work on our herb/flower gardens. Maybe seeing the seedlings sprouting will keep me from doing more chicken math.
OH! With some good weather and luck, the guy will be out in the next couple weeks to finish getting our 4 1/2 acres ready to be pasture!! Fingers crossed I can have fall babies too!
Did I mention we added 4 bunnies too? Yeah, we’re crazy. But…. HASENPFEFFER!
Home for Wayward Hassenfeffer