The next adventure…

Well, that’s it. I am officially unemployed. I think. I mean, I think I stay on the roster for two weeks and then they officially terminate me, but for me… I’m done.
This was one of those well intentioned moves that proved to be the wrong one. I fully believe God put me there for a reason, but I also fully believe He said it was time for me to come back home.
Now to pray on the next step. I have put several options on the table. I’m just not clear on which path to put my energy. This has always been a struggle for me.
I love to go in with guns a blazin’ but my body doesn’t really work well with that tactic anymore. So for today, we do baby steps forward.
First….dishes and laundry. Both are semi-passive as I just have to load the machines and let them work. Then, kid-time, some school work and some life skills (chores). Then a little time to create something. Not sure what that will be yet. A lot depends on my mind and body.
The Etsy shop is ready for items. This blog has been long ignored and is ready for words.
My house has been half tended for ten months, and it’s ready for the matriarch to be back on top of things (well, as much as she ever was actually on top of things).
The adventure we thought we were starting two years ago is finally back on track, I think.
I hope.
Because I had faith in that adventure.

2 thoughts on “The next adventure…

  1. walt says:

    Well I for one missed Lisa here. I check in every month or so to see if you are back. Sounds like you had a hard summer.

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