Just 10 things : What I accomplished this week!

Just 10 Things
Last week I started the “Just 10 things” series with the topic “Just 10 things I should have done better“.
10 things I accomplished this week

  1. meal planning
  2. finished first blog design 🙂 *THIS ONE*
  3. made a blog button for Benji’s Broken Heart
  4. finished week one of the Couch to 5K training program
  5. DID 1.71 Miles in 30 minutes!!
  6. Made homemade cinnamon rolls — from scratchity scratch!
  7. Read my Bible 4 days in a row (should be better but this is better than the week before!)
  8. 8 Loads of laundry… well, they are washed and dried, and there are still 80 bajillion left.
  9. Made a new toddler apron for my Artfire store!
  10. Made a new Kindle case… that won’t be listed b/c of a slight miscalculation.. looks like I made myself a new one 🙂

So, what did YOU accomplish this week?
Next week,
10 things I’d like to cook from scratch

My new laminated prayer list

I wanted a better way to keep track of my prayer list and I wanted it visible so the kids would pray with me.
So, I doodled me up a laminated prayer list for my fridge.  A simple dry erase marker makes it easy to add and remove names!

You can get your own in my ArtFire shop for $1.

Channeling my inner beer commercial…

(Now, I’m wondering if it was a beer commercial or not…oh well)

Wow, how a week can flip so fast!  God is really testing me this week 🙂
Hubby was sent out of town for three days – last minute thing.  Today was karate, tomorrow is ballet AND we were hoping to get a call about a possible Yukon Denali for sale.  Now IF the call comes in I’ll have to do negotiations over the phone OR take all four kids to the dealership alone.  I keep praying that we’ll make the right decision with this.  It could be a really good thing or a really bad thing and I have a hard time knowing the difference when deep down I WANT it so much.
I’ve been all caught up in my new plan to get healthy. I’d like to say that’s why I haven’t blogged lately but we all know I’m just flighty and easily distracted – SQUIRREL!!
I started the Couch to 5K yesterday and surprisingly survived.  I have run since…well, ever.
In a week I have managed to get my jeans up almost all the way.  My goal was by Thanksgiving so I’m not complaining at all.
I was staying up late tonight, since hubby is gone, and was planning on sewing but now I’m on a caffeine crash.  I want to get a few new things listed in my ArtFire shop since my buddy at Just the 10 of us is hosting a giveaway for MY SHOP!  Check out her review of my Lil Dribbler!
OH!  I keep forgetting!  I did my first guest post 🙂  (Did I tell you this already?)
It’s over on Smockity Frocks blog, it’s a recipe for Potato Bread!
I guess I have yapped enough for one night.  So before my typos get out of hand I’m going to take my lil man and find a place for us to sleep.  The big girls have taken over my bed since Daddy is gone.

Taking my love to town…or to market…

Not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I love crafts. I love all crafts. I love anything that lets me be creative.

For those who don’t know yet (read: all my non twitter readers), I have opened an etsy shop.  Thanks to a new artfire promotion, I have also opened up a shop on their site.

Chaotic Craftiness on Etsy  and Artfire!

One of my custom orders ended up so cute! Custom bib, wipes case, and card holder!
The card holders are great for business cards, id’s, debit/credit cards! Perfect for kids to hold school id’s , lunchroom cards, library cards!
So far I’ve had the most fun making ‘Lil Dribblers (with matching britches) for my drooly lil fat man…
CIMG0145  CIMG0147
 CIMG0166 CIMG0162

I have more to list and PLENTY of new ideas coming down the pipe.  Trying to get schoolwork done and still have time to sew with this crazy bunch is a bit of a challenge for this easily distracted mom.

I’d love it if you’d take a peek and leave me some feedback here on what you like or don’t like.  I’d love some honest opinions!