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The Long Lost Potato Bread Recipe

Once upon a time, my mother had a friend with an amazing bread recipe. She shared this recipe with me and I wowed my family and friends with loaves upon loaves of fresh bread. My blog, at the time, was all about homeschooling, so I posted the recipe as a guest post over on a friend’s blog. Year after year, I went back to her site to get my recipe. I had printed it out once, but it was easier to simply Google the blog post than to dig through and find the printout.

Fast forward a couple years, while we packed up and moved and settled in to our new ‘wanna-be-a-homestead’. I Googled and Googled but her blog was gone! Completely GONE!

So I set out to find the printed copy. I dug through boxes. I flipped through cookbooks. It was no where to be found.

I called my mom. She didn’t have the recipe anymore. I called my friends and asked them if I had given them the recipe. They all said no, they just ate what I baked.


I was a sad breadless mommy.

Now, you might ask, “Why was this recipe so important? I’m sure you could Google ‘potato bread’ and find a good recipe.”

Well, yes, yes I could. But this recipe used an entire bag of bread flour. It made a LOT of bread at one time. It make loaves, buns, and rolls, all at one time and it could be frozen!

Wouldn’t you know, once I stopped searching for it, that silly stack of papers showed up, right under my nose! Not in any of my cookbooks mind you, but still, right under my nose.

I don’t have pictures anymore. I’ll try to come back and edit this to add them later.

This recipe states butter and milk, however, I am now allergic to any and all mammal and mammal by products. I’ll be subbing out plant based butter (Country Crock Plant Based Olive Oil Butter is my fav) and coconut milk (from the carton, not the can).

Potato Bread Recipe

  • 1/4 cup butter, softened
  • 2 Tablespoons yeast
  • 1 Cup and 1 Tablespoon sugar (separated)
  • 1 Cup warm water
  • 3 Cups HOT water
  • 1 Cup instant potato flakes
  • 2 Tablespoons salt
  • 1 Cup milk
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 5 lb bag of bread flour
  • Large bowl to mix (capable of holding 8 cups of liquid)
  • Even Larger bowl or clean dishpan for first rising of dough.
  1. Mix yeast, tablespoon of sugar, and cup of warm water in a bowl. Set this aside to proof. You should see bubbles after a few minutes. If you don’t, toss this and restart with fresh yeast.
  2. In a LARGE bowl, mix instant potato flakes, HOT water, salt, cup of sugar, milk, oil, and egg.
  3. Add yeast mixture.
  4. Add enough warm water to bring total liquid volume to roughly 8 cups. **The amount of water you add depends on how your yeast proofs. I typically end up adding about 2 cups of additional water. It’s best to start with less and add more if needed.**
  5. Slowly add in the 5 lb bag of bread flour. Your dough should end up sticky but not elastic.
  6. Move dough into a clean lightly oiled LARGER bowl or dishpan. Cover and let rise 1 hour.
  7. Punch down and separate into loaves, rolls, buns, etc. Place dough into loaf pans, pie pans, etc that have been generously greased with softened butter.
    • once formed, dough can be frozen and later defrosted, left to rise, and baked.
    • You can get several loaves and several pie plate sized tins of rolls out of one recipe.
  8. If not freezing, let dough rise again until doubled, roughly one hour, covered.
  9. Loaves should be baked at 350* until golden brown. Rolls should be baked at 450*. Time required will vary based on size of loaf, altitude, and weather.

I love to melt a little honey butter over my loaves just before they are finished to give it an extra golden glow and a pinch of sweetness!

Enjoy and if you make some, please share your pictures with me! 

I might be addicted…

to squash.
Yellow squash.
Possibly onions as well.
Last Tuesday I fixed risotto with caramelized onions and squash and carrots and fresh bread.
Last Friday I fixed a medley of frozen veggies….that included yellow squash.
Sunday I made sauteed squash and carrots and sweet onion with pulled BBQ chicken on fresh bread.
Last night, I pureed the leftovers and mixed it into a potato soup, extra cheesy….with more fresh bread.

I’m a little concerned that my diet might be a little high in squash and bread.

Get out of my kitchen!!

I’ve been loafing a bit this morning. It was a late night for me since I stay up until hubby has to go to work. Then the kids woke me up a lot and I was up early with Lil Man. Three cups of coffee later, Mr. B woke up and we embarked on a two hour Deadliest Catch viewing before he wandered off to mow the grass. I had tweeted a bit, eaten a bit, and folded a load of laundry. The kids had eaten, found drinks, been sent outside, come inside, was sent outside, came inside, was sent back outside (you see a pattern here?).
I walked into the kitchen, listening to Lil Man beat on the front door because he wants to go outside with Daddy, and that is when my head exploded.
I don’t get it. I never ever ever ever would have dug through my momma’s cabinets looking for something without permission. I certainly would have never ever ever gone on a hunt for a different type of glass/mug/plate/etc. when there were already ones, at my level, that served the same purpose. But now, on top of the dishes to be washed and extra groceries that need to be put away I know have odd water bottles, coffee to go mugs, special glasses, and all my kitchen chairs are strewn around the floor. There is cereal everywhere, boxes left out and groceries scattered. If I had done this as a kid….wait, I NEVER WOULD HAVE DONE THIS….  EVER!
I feel like the only room with any hope of staying in one piece is the room I’m in at the time. I need a clone.
I need seven of them. Stat.

Day 4, No Pasta No Taters No Rice for dinner…

Total Win Y’all.
I came back from vacation at 220 lbs. Despite all my efforts to drop a few Ell Bees this is the same weight I was a year ago after having Lil Man. GAH!!
After hearing that my aunt had success with the 17day diet and knowing that I won’t do a diet from a book, or site, or company I figured I’d just go back to what I know works: moderation.
I cannot, at this moment, live without the white stuff. You know… white pasta, white rice, white (actually Yukon GOLD BABY!) taters. It’s not devil food that would be cake, it’s just not good in the quantities that I eat.
To help me with the moderation thing, Mr. B and I set a goal to go one week without eating pasta, rice or taters for dinner. I can have all the chocolate chip cookies for dessert that my little tummy can hold!
It took some thought after the first two days, and I ended up sending hubby to the store to grab something fresh because I knew if all I had to eat was a piece of chicken and some veggies then those veggies better not be from a can!
I feel lighter. Climbing the stairs, I don’t feel like I’m dragging a hippopotamus. I’ve also dropped 9 pounds. I don’t expect to keep dropping like that; I feel certain it is just my body dumping nasty stuff since I’ve upped my fiber intake. Hubby says he feels tired. I think it has more to do with him readjusting to taking his Ambien again not so much the change in his diet.
I think for the second 7 days (oh yea, I’m gonna do it again!) I’ll add some exercise. I’d add it this week but my feet haven’t recovered from all the boardwalk walking last weekend.
Do you have a yummy, veggie side dish? I’d love to have you share a linky in a comment!

A Birthday Dinner for my Prince…

Today is my Prince’s birthday. For the next 24 days he will be the same age as I am and we joke every year about it.
We do stuff for each other throughout the year so presents are usually colored pictures from the kids and a yummy meal.
This year I made up a recipe for his dinner. Stuck to his favorites: beef, veggies, beer.
For a veggie we had butter fried squash with sweet onions and carrots.
For dinner, I took out half a london broil I had purchased 1/2 off a few weeks ago and put it on the George Foreman for a while.
When the meat was done, I set it on the cutting board to sit while I tossed a tortilla on the Foreman (soaking up the goodness!). Moved that to his plate and layered red leaf lettuce and shredded mozzarella cheese on top of it. Sliced up the beef and filled the tortilla with strips, then poured on a little A1 (cracked pepper variety).
Hubby loved it! I did too, which is odd, normally only one of us are in love with something new I make.
I’d share a picture, but …there wasn’t anything left to take a picture of.
Happy Birthday Honey!

Let there be cake.

I’m not sure what the heck happened to today. I woke up early, happy, and had coffee with Mr. Daddy Man. He had to leave super early for work and I wanted to see him before he left. The two year old woke up and then quickly dozed back off while laying on the couch. Even the baby woke up and then we back to sleep for me. I had almost and entire hour of pure quiet! UNHEARD OF I TELL YOU!
I had lessons ready, dishes washed, laundry going. I let them sleep in a bit. As the babies started to stir I started feeling the day was not going to be what I had planned so I prayed and told God I would give Him the day, I would do what He had planned. Not that I really have a choice, it was more like “okay I’m not going to fight you on it”.
Sitting on my couch now, with two kids asleep and two playing nicely, I can honestly say the day wasn’t that bad. I cut out pieces to two twirly skirts, I made a yummy dinner, hubby came home on time and was able to pick Doodlebug up from violin class. I got a shower all by myself. I had enough gas to get me home (on fumes!) but I made it to violin and to the post off to mail off some cutie things to two of my twitter friends and my sister.
Still, I spent most of the day feeling annoyed at everything. I gave up on school and let them play outside. The neighbor behind us is a single dad, he was trying to mow his grass and his four year old daughter wanted the girls to play. It got out of hand and I ended up fixing lunch for her too (no biggie… Ramen… ) and she started just walking in the house like she lived there. I’m not really upset. She’s FOUR. However, she walked in on my nursing Peanut. I thought she was my kid coming in so I didn’t think to cover up. I just don’t like feeling “invaded”. Apparently for the past few days I’ve been unusually sensitive to people getting near me, sounds, temperature. GAH! Everything has annoyed me.
I hate it. I can’t wrap my head around finishing anything either. I have articles to write. A book to read. A bible study to work on. I had plans to declutter, fold laundry, meal plan. I can’t even cut coupons!
We installed a cable box over the weekend- first time in five years that we’ve had cable or satellite.  Mr. Daddy Man returned home from work and getting Doodlebug, plopped down in the recliner and flipped through his 500 channels. My Mommy Helper pointed out that “Cake Boss” was on and I couldn’t resist asking him to watch it. I’ve never seen it before. OMG the cakes that man makes!!
Anywhoooo, after the first episode Mr. Daddy Man started talking about wanting cake. I ignored him. Then I reminded him there were brownies.
He ate the last of the brownies while he watched another episode.
We ate dinner, and he still wanted cake.
So I did what any smart deal making momma would do- I offered the man a deal.
I had my helper there entertaining the kids. I was going to shower- alone. IF the kitchen “magically” became clean before I got out of the shower then I would make cake. That meant unloading the dishwasher- and reloading. That meant finishing feeding the kids and putting away leftovers.
We had cake for desert. Just sayin’.

They served the kids Wasabi!

From yesterday’s post you can tell we had a pretty awesome weekend! What I didn’t get a chance to talk about was dinner on Saturday night. My tooth was still hurting pretty badly and I wasn’t feeling the whole “home cooking” thing at all. Since we were going to be out looking for beds Mr. B decided he would treat his wife to some hibachi chicken (YUM YUM!).
I thought maybe he forgot that we have four children. One eats like a goat but isn’t really big enough to eat that way. One doesn’t eat ANYTHING that’s not macaroni and cheese. Two are so picky I’m surprised they eat at all.
He made them a deal. If they sat, and tried something on their plate, without fussing/whining/complaining/crying about how much they didn’t like it, then he would get them something else on the way home. I guess assuring them that they would not go hungry helped them get over the “try something new” fear.

We ordered both of them a Tempura Kid’s Bento Box. The waiter brought the kids special kid chopsticks!

Lil Man ate off my plate. Bubbagirl played with the napkins and the chopsticks. Doodlebug tried a little bit of everything (sort of) and ate her sticky rice. This child HATES rice. Taderbug, almost broke down in tears when they showed up with a salad first, then managed to eat her rice. She wanted so badly to try the “green” stuff in the middle of her bento box.
Daddy assured her she did NOT want to try wasabi.
I wish I had gotten pictures of the cool oranges they brought out after dinner. Half an orange, cut in quarters, peeled and set in side itself served with a toothpick. It was a big hit!
Then we grabbed some popcorn chicken from Wally World and doled out a lot of high fives and hugs for trying something new!

I don't want to give up "from scratch"

I’m in a pickle people.  I need help.
I spent YEARS getting this recipe right.
First, I had to get mom to come up off her “secret recipe”.
Then, I had to feed my husband 1000 different versions of it while I tweaked it to 1) by fixed in ONE pot instead of baking it, 2) used little elbow noodles so my kids would eat it and 3) be “saucy” enough to compete with boxed.
Yea, I’m talkin’ Mac and Cheese ya’ll.
I have finally made a batch that they will eat.  All. Of. Them.
Do you KNOW how hard that was to do?
Here’s the problem.  I’m on a serious grocery budget while we try and beat down the debt monster.
My kids LIKE the boxed kind.  The boxed kind is CHEAP.
Read: I cannot possibly make this as cheap as I can get it in the box.
I realize the boxed stuff isn’t as healthy.  They like it, and I can easily sneak in pureed cauliflower.
Macaroni is one of only four things my 2yo will eat.  So I make it often and I can’t afford cans and cans of evaporated milk and blocks of cheese.
Anyone have a great, CHEAP, recipe?   This is one of the few things I’ve found that I can’t make from scratch cheaper than I can buy it in the box.

Just 10 Things : Cookin' From Scratch

Just 10 Things
This week’s edition of Just 10 Things is the “10 Things I’d like to cook from scratch”

  1. Apple Pie
  2. A Birthday Cake… I make my frosting from scratch, but have yet to get away from cake in a box.
  3. Chicken Nuggets
  4. Cheesecake
  5. Chili
  6. Tomato Gravy
  7. Sweet Potato Pie
  8. Apple Crisp
  9. Hamburger Buns
  10. Pasta

What 10 things do you want to learn to make from scratch?
Next Week:  Just 10 Things that made me laugh this week

My Motivated Moms Planner and a New Start

Today was supposed to be my Monday Mingle vlog post. It will have to be tomorrow. After watching it I realized I really did just babble incoherently (ok, MORE than usual). I was also wearing my pj shirt.
After a rough start, and end, to last week, I decided to take some time to catch up on some sleep this weekend and get my game face on for Monday. I made it through my Motivated Moms Planner page for today, completed a very unplanned but full day of school, and ran Week 1 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K-again.
The cleaning felt great. School was great. Jogging was great. In between there was much whining, and stomping as we are entering the “tween” years and Doodlebug is going in like a lion!
I even managed to plan out meals for the week:

  • Today:Chicken Pot Pie
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti/Lasagna (sketti for kids, mini lasagna (sort of) for us)
  • Wednesday: Left overs
  • Thursday: Shrimp, Rice and Veggies
  • Friday: Roast Chicken
  • Saturday: Homemade Pizza!

Tomorrow we’ll be prepping homemade cinnamon rolls! The recipe I found is HUGE and I’m not sure what I’m going to put all of them in to freeze them.
I’m pretty excited about the new blog design…made it myself.. from scratch. And while I already see some needed tweaks I’m very excited about getting the basics down.
I finished off a new blog button for Benji’s Broken Heart! It’s a blog about CHD Awareness!
CHD Awareness
I have so much more I wanted to recap but hubby needs to get to bed, he has to get up 1am, and I now have to try and tackle all four of them into bed- by myself.
So, I’ll leave you with this:
Happy Monday Ya’ll!