Just 10 Things : Cookin' From Scratch

Just 10 Things
This week’s edition of Just 10 Things is the “10 Things I’d like to cook from scratch”

  1. Apple Pie
  2. A Birthday Cake… I make my frosting from scratch, but have yet to get away from cake in a box.
  3. Chicken Nuggets
  4. Cheesecake
  5. Chili
  6. Tomato Gravy
  7. Sweet Potato Pie
  8. Apple Crisp
  9. Hamburger Buns
  10. Pasta

What 10 things do you want to learn to make from scratch?
Next Week:  Just 10 Things that made me laugh this week

BeHer 2011 Gratitude Check in

I decided, when I started the year participating in BeHer 2011, that I would check in halfway through the month and then again at the end.
January Gratitude BeHer2011 Check In:

in no particular order:

  1. My husband
  2. Our Children
  3. The food on the table
  4. The heat in our house
  5. Painfully honest friends
  6. My dishwasher
  7. Music to Jam too
  8. Warm Blankets
  9. Successful breastfeeding
  10. Supportive family
  11. Frosting in a can
  12. Ability to read
  13. Ability to write
  14. Bedtime
  15. Hot baths
  16. Headphones

Just 10 things : What I accomplished this week!

Just 10 Things
Last week I started the “Just 10 things” series with the topic “Just 10 things I should have done better“.
10 things I accomplished this week

  1. meal planning
  2. finished first blog design 🙂 *THIS ONE*
  3. made a blog button for Benji’s Broken Heart
  4. finished week one of the Couch to 5K training program
  5. DID 1.71 Miles in 30 minutes!!
  6. Made homemade cinnamon rolls — from scratchity scratch!
  7. Read my Bible 4 days in a row (should be better but this is better than the week before!)
  8. 8 Loads of laundry… well, they are washed and dried, and there are still 80 bajillion left.
  9. Made a new toddler apron for my Artfire store!
  10. Made a new Kindle case… that won’t be listed b/c of a slight miscalculation.. looks like I made myself a new one 🙂

So, what did YOU accomplish this week?
Next week,
10 things I’d like to cook from scratch

Just 10 Things : The "What I should have done better" Edition

Just 10 Things
This is the first edition of a new blog series called “Just 10 Things”.  I will be posting weekly and putting next weeks theme at the end of the post in case you want to join in!

  1. I should have slept more.
  2. I should have read my Bible more.
  3. I should have taken time to exercise, more than just the Friday dance session.
  4. I should have paid more attention to my to do list and less attention to those rabbits and their trails.
  5. I should have taken more time in the shower… just because it was quiet and I was alone- twice.
  6. I should have worked harder to lower my voice.
  7. I should have trusted that I could turn off the phone and it would be okay.
  8. I should have remembered the debt monster when the Schwan’s man showed up…spent way too much.
  9. I should have written that guest blog post better.  It sucks, I can’t take it back, and it’s all because of #1.
  10. I should have sat in the recliner with hubby longer and kept dancing in the kitchen with him while I had the chance.

Next week’s theme:  Just 10 things I accomplished this week.
Won’t you join me?  Leave a comment and a link for this week.  On Saturday I’ll post mine for the new question. If there are enough participants then I’ll set up a linky!!

Bedroom Cleaning for Kids

I mentioned way back in 2010 that my friend Jenn was starting a series on organization called “Taming the Tornado”. Well the time has come to get your rear in gear and start tackling the mess.  This week she begins with her daughter’s room.
Since we also have girls, and their room is a complete disaster area most days, I gladly jumped in and tried to tame that tornado first.
First, I ordered the Clean n Flip: Bedroom Cleaning for Kids book from The Old Schoolhouse Store.
When it arrived, I immediately (really, I dropped everything and left) went to the dollar general store to buy 4 laundry baskets (smallish). Then labeled them according to the directions in the flip book.
I labeled them Return, Toys, Clean Clothes and Blankets/Stuffed Animals.  That last one was supposed to be books but we keep all books downstairs, so our books would be in the return basket.
I also picked up some wide Sterlite Drawers, two sets.
The girls had fun with the flip chart.  I had fun with my notecards and tape making labels for the drawers. Daddy stood in the doorway with Cranky Baby begging us to go faster for the entire 3 hours that it took to get it done.
You would think I would have taken pictures.
Maybe I was too tired.
I’d take them now, but the room is trashed.  It wasn’t trashed this morning when I was planning on writing this post.  That was before they woke up.  That was before all my plans for the day fell apart.  Knowing, deep down, that it won’t be clean again until after 8, and that my post would be written close to midnight again makes me angry.  I don’t need to be more upset today so I’ll just post without pics for now.
Instead, I’ll leave you with my funny vlog post from a few days ago where I cleaned the baby-school-music-extracraftstuff room!

New Year…Same goals, new attitude

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**This post is in participation with the Bloggy Moms Writer’s Workshop. This week’s theme is New Years Resolutions**
It seems every year at this time, I write out the same list again:

  • eat better
  • exercise
  • budget better
  • clean better
  • cook better
  • learn blog design
  • learn graphic design
  • sew better
  • blog better
  • blah
  • blah
  • blah

The goals haven’t changed.  They won’t change until I reach them. The plan hasn’t much changed either.  Many of my goals only have one way to reach them (usually involving time, commitment and lots of effort).
What will be different? My attitude.
It’s bad when you KNOW what attitude you are supposed to have and how to maintain it but you don’t follow through.
I know that the BEST me is the me God designed me to be.  I used to think that “me” was supposed to be an accountant, since I was a great accountant.  I am NOT supposed to be an accountant.  God had other plans.
In 2011 I hope to change my attitude by starting all things with God, and leaving them up to God, the easy things and the hard things.
Maybe He didn’t make me to be a great cook, because He made me to be writer instead.  Maybe He didn’t make me to be a great blog designer or graphics designer because He needs me for something I’ve never even considered yet.
I feel like I’m failing at everything I’m trying to accomplish.  I’m falling short of even being “good” at anything: wife, mom, exerciser, blogger, teacher, crafter, chief, cook and bottle washer.
I feel like I’m failing because I keep doing things in my own strength.  This year I want to remember to pray, seek His Word, and do things in HIS strength and not my own.
It is a bit exciting to think of who I might become by next December…if I can keep myself out of my own way.

BeHer 2011… Where I learn to BE me!

Sometimes,as wives and mothers, we get so caught up in being everything to everyone that the good parts of us get all jumbled up and we all too often those parts of us are never fed, and nurtured, allowing us to grow into better moms, sisters, daughters, wives and friends.
I have one friend who has decided that this year she’s going to focus on BEing who God intended her to BE. Micki (the ADDHousewife) is focusing on being a better Micki in 2011 and she has invited her readers to join her.  Since this is my year to find boundaries, set boundaries and enforce boundaries I thought it would be very fitting for me to join in her BeHer 2011 and see if I can’t find the real me again.
Clickity click the image above to read about what BeHer 2011 is all about and how you can participate!
January is gratitude month.  I’m going to be hanging this in my kitchen, and every day I will fill in one of the window panes with something I am grateful for. I might even use colored pens like a stained glass window 🙂
31 days of gratitude.
Thanks Micki!
31 Days of Gratitude