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Do NOT hire me to pack up your house to move..

Apparently when I pack do something so absurd so unheard of that my husband is surprised that I make it through a day unassisted!

According to Mr TaderDoodles….. I ORGANIZE when I pack… I sort and filter through the ever growing piles of crapola and only box up stuff that’s NOT broken, or MISSING a part, or from 1983! I see no need in packing 6 BOXES of shoes when 1 box is filthy and dry rotten, 1 box is full of single shoes, and 2 are too small for any of uw to wear….and even IF Tader Bug can wear all FOUR pairs of boots she doesn’t NEED FOUR PAIRS of boots!

Oddly enough I have chosen NOT to take holey sheets or bath towels, nor am I taking ALL 5,000 naked Barbie Dolls and their UNMATCHED shoes. If this endeavor has proven anything to me it is that my children are perfect content playing with a margerine tub and a wooden spoon in the backyard or bath tub that they do NOT need the entire GIRL department of Toy’s R Us to entertain themselves. Less is MORE…. Less stuff means less time spent cleaning which means MORE time spent together doing something good and wonderful- like playing Barbies with my girls.

You didn’t think I was making them leave ALL of them behind did you? I’m not that mean, nor am I that tough.

I am, however, exhausted…. and while I am grateful that God saw fit to give me wonderfully sunny days to do my final packing (so the kids can play outside), I will admit the crazy high temperatures are slowing my pace a bit. Ah well, it’s still better than rain!

I’ll be back ya’ll, once we’re all settled!


What happened today…

With three kids, school work, and trying to move my bloggy wonderfulness is at a low… forgive me but I can only seem to speak in short blurbs… Here’s what we tweeted about today…

What happened today…: With three kids, school work, and trying to move my bloggy wonderfulness is at a low… .. tinyurl.com/dc3hj3 #

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Just another Monday..

It’s almost 2 in the afternoon… and already my head hurts.  It’s been a productive day, but when you are about three years behind in work to be done it takes more than one productive morning to feel you’ve accomplished anything.  It seems I’ve helped everyone get their stuff done but me! 

I did manage to get two new auction templates created and listed in my MommyAuctions store last Friday, but I have done NO doodling since then!  I have some new tricks I want to practice but I keep getting distracted. 

It’s not all bad distractions.  We had a wonderful day yesterday putting puzzles together.  Nevermind that it was a 3D puzzle and the pieces were horrible to work with.  By 3D, I mean it had that plastic coating that makes the image move when you wiggle it not actually three dimensional.  The puzzle looks pretty cool now that it’s all put together but my goodness I thought it would never happen.  I’d be looking and looking for a white piece only to discover the pink one I had been staring at for hours was WHITE if you moved it a bit. 

The stress from that puzzle didn’t deter us though.  As soon as it was complete we moved on to one of our Thomas Kinkade puzzles.  Once hubby and I were successfully cross eyed from staring at the pieces we heated up some leftover pizza for lunch (don’t judge me… it was Sunday) and watched the 80’s classic “Annie” with the girls.  The movie has special meaning to me that no one will ever understand.  I still cry during the opening scene.  Remembering those days, before I knew my dad and before I really understood what happened, when I used to dream about what he would be like and what life would be like if…. 

Even though I’m all grown up, and I know him, and things are okay it is still emotional to revisit those childish feelings and at the same time it is fun remembering the way I used to dance around my room singing “It’s a hard knock life” or twirling around pretending to me Ms. Grace Ferrell. 

As for today, we are finally done with school.  We had to double up some because tomorrow we are taking a field trip to Waynesboro while the hubby goes for an interview.  This is only the second interview he’s been offered.  It would almost certainly require us to move.  A two hour commute is one thing, a two and a half hour commute is another.  It’s a nice mountain town, very sweet and quaint, but it’s farther away from my family which is the opposite of my desires entirely!   This is one of those times where you just go and try and see because God said to go and try and see….  He always makes better plans than I.

There are thirty more minutes before I have to help Sam clean her room….  thirty more minutes before I voluntarily start a small war in my house.  Hubby is thumbing through the movie library which means I am about to be tempted to forget her room and just crash on the couch with him.  Maybe I should just lay here, and enjoy my time with him.  Pretty soon he’ll be back to work everyday and this time will be missed. 


I just had to stop… and be the kind of mom I don’t want to be…  the angry mom.  I have yet to find anyone that can tell me what to do when they are three feet from you and keep saying stop stop stop stop stop and they dont and they are SEVEN YEARS OLD and they dont even look up or turn their head and you scream STOP STOP STOP and they just go on because stopping is not what they felt like doing.  I’d almost rather she just make faces at me or say no because I can handle that, it’s the absolutely just ignoring me that is making me insane… like “ok, I hear ya mom but that’s not what I had in mind….so um…  no.. i’m gonna do it my way”

wow,  I wonder if this is how Jesus feels….

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The first 5 things you should do …

After our first five days of unemployment, here are my “First Five Things you should do when the breadwinner of the house gets laid off”

1. Cry- Go ahead, it feels good. Sob if you must. Kids around? Get in the shower, steam it up and let the good tears fall. Let the water wash away all that was because God is about to give you something better.

2. Pray- On your knees is good. (It was the first time in a long time for me, and it felt wonderful) Ask that when God shows you where to turn you SEE it, and you TURN THAT WAY, without hesitation. Be prepared for sharp turns with little notice (I’m convinced God does this to make sure your listening! )

3. Sleep on it- Cuddle up, pile the kids in (if they’re not to big), give extra hugs, pull out your old blankie and throw it on the bed. Then, when all the lights are out, giggle… like when you were a kid at a slumber party and Susie’s mom had come in the room and told you “light’s out girls!” and you were trying sooo hard to keep quiet but you just couldn’t. Let the kids giggle, nudge hubby and get him to giggle (or whatever sound boys make). Then sleep, leave the worrying to God, and be rested for He will have work for you to do tomorrow.

4. Wake up early- No need to wake up at 5 am like you used to, but don’t waste the day laying in bed. Get up, make pancakes! Take the dog for an extra long walk, then start applying for jobs or brushing up the resume or getting set up on Monster, CareerBuilder, the Ladders, LinkedIn, or FaceBook… find old friends and see what they are up to.

5. Make phone calls – Here is where God has done some amazing things for us. Call your creditors, your utility companies, your wireless company. In the past two days I have seen God’s grace and mercy fall down upon us through these people:

  • one credit card company settled a $13000 debt for $3900…
  • our auto loan offered us a 2 month extention so we wouldn’t fall behind
  • my student loans were offered forbearance for economic hardship
  • my wireless company, understanding that in reality we needed his phone for trips out of town for interviews, offered us a free month of service
  • the insurance company wrote us a check on the spot for a tow truck claim
  • our tax refund came in and paid off my dental bill from last week and my personal credit card

Oops… ya’ll I lied.. there are six things. And the sixth thing is what I have tried to do all evening and into our night time prayers.

6. Thank God… Thank you Lord that I even have a husband that can work, that he has received numerous phone calls today, and that for TODAY we are home, and our bellys full, and our bodies warm and safe. We know that Tomorrow is Yours and we will not worry. I cannot wait to arise with the sun and see what wonderful adventures we will have seeking Your Will and running to see which one of us can stand in the middle of it first. Amen.

I hope all my bloggy friends have a blessed evening… night ya’ll.

How to waste a day in one easy step…

I have been at a loss trying to figure out how I can spend all day at home, ALL DAY- no parks no walks no trips to the mailbox, and yet I seem to get nothing accomplished. I have searched my mind and googled the universe searching for help and finally I have the answer!

Thinkin’ (or for those of you NOT in the southern United States… that’s Thinking)

Thinkin’ causes me all of the grief in my life. Thinkin’ is what keeps me reactive instead of proactive, and being PROactive is the ONLY way a mom can keep her head above water these days.

Here’s my list of things I keep thinkin’ about:

  • laundry- it needs to be folded, but I can’t get into the girls rooms to put it away so we’ll just put it in the hamper until I clean their room and then I’ll fold it…
  • mealtime-I was thinkin’ chicken sounded good but hubs always has to eat chicken so I’ll wait till after lunch to see what ‘he’s feeling like’ and then I’ll fix supper…
  • bills- I keep thinkin’ I should call and negotiate a new rate, or fight that extra fee, or maybe sit down and balance my check book but it’s best to do that when all is quiet or when my files are filed, and after I’ve sorted the mail sooo…
  • cleaning- it would really be best to just redo this whole room since there is so much that needs to be done, and I think I need to go to the store and get a few more organizing tubs or maybe I can go in the kitchen and gather all the cereal boxes and craft some sort of organizer out of them. and then….

and my mind keeps going…

It’s not really the ACT of thinkin’ that slows me down, see I can think pretty fast. It’s the time reacting to all the things I’ve been thinkin’ on. Searching the 5 laundry hampers for Sammy’s matching sock because I never took the time to fold them, or searching the living room for JoJo’s favorite book because I thought about cleaning it but never did (because first I had to make those organizers remember?).

So here are my plans for tomorrow, see if I can stop thinking and start doing…. ’cause PROfessional moms are PROactive!

  • put everyone’s clothes away, even the baby’s…. when the drawer is full start putting the rest in a goodwill bag
  • if you wash it, dry it and fold it and put it away… don’t start a load of laundry after 4 pm… you won’t finish… by the time you move it to the dryer, feed everyone, put them all in the tub and get ready for bed you will forget about it…. just wait and start again in the morning.
  • plan dinner ahead (well, duh right?!) — tomorrow is baked chicken… now i have to stick to it!
  • sort the mail when you walk in the door! Why not..the trash can is right there. Most of our bills are online and sent via email (great timesaver btw!) so our mail is mostly junk.

Before I close though, I have to admit (I hope the Mr. doesn’t read this) that thinkin’ about getting off the phone is my biggest black hole for time management! I can think about ending a phone call for HOURS! LOL

Thoughts from the dental chair…


I had a really funny post all written about all the things I was thinking while in the dentist chair!!!

I went to add my picture and hit the wrong button and my entire post disappeared!   I’m soooo mad now…

Maybe I’ll write it up again later…  not sure I can be funny twice

but here’s that picture…  me, less two molars and my bottom wisdom teeth…

nice swelling huh…  feels good too… 

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In case you were wondering…

…this is what we’re too busy doing…

First- we’re passing out “sugars”  (in case your not sure what that is… see picture)

Then we cook things like fudge and spend time eating with a spoon in each hand…

(don’t look too close at that picture…  you’ll see the nail polish my kids put on me flaking off… how tacky!)

Next,  we play peek a boo!

Wanna see what happens if someone says it’s time to stop playing?

We go from this:

to this:

off to go goof some more! 

(we did do school today…  even posted a new freebie)

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