Story Time ! (with a freebie)

In keeping with my slacker style, we skipped our book work yesterday for a “Sunshine Day”. When winter clouds bring gloom, without even a hint of fun snow, it’s easy to get on each others nerves. Once the thermometer reached 55° I decided it was time to go play outside!

(according to TaderBug, their jackets got wet and they just HAD to come off… you know, because mud is different…it’s not wet right?)

Well, they were just having so much fun soaking up the vitamin D, and learning very scientific hands on information regarding the effects of water on soil, sand, concrete, baby dolls, cotton pants, and cats. I didn’t have the heart to bring them inside.  (Or, maybe I was just enjoying the peace and the opportunity to do a load of dishes without stopping 15 times to dry my hands and button a costume or clasp a necklace or wipe someones bum!)

After a very warm bubble bath (it took two baths to get it all off), we gathered all our silly instruments in the living room.  My little sweeties insisted on providing accompaniment to my attempts at practicing piano.  I cannot even begin to describe how difficult it is to play “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” with a 4 year old drummer and a 7 year old guitar player!


This morning, anticipating short attention spans caused by a light dusting of snow, I decided to have Doodle’s tackle her schoolwork before the sun came up and she could see the white wonderland outside.  I’m not dumb enough to wake her up that early on purpose… but since she was up….

While she finished up her Math Quiz, I worked up a little story page for her to do for fun.  I’ve added it here and to my Free From Me page! It’s a pdf file and includes a big box on top to draw a picture!  There is a list of words to help new spellers and new writers with their sentences.  This page has a ‘Park’ theme!

It took Doodles a few tries to really understand what I was asking her to do; however, now that the story page is done she is following me around trying to finish the story.  I’m not sure why I thought I could say ‘just two sentences’ and have that actually work!

The handwriting is sloppy thanks to our lazy attitude this morning but the story was told…

Time to eat some oatmeal and bundle up for the blizzard (NOT).
Happy Tuesday!

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Dollar Store Diner can I take your order please?

I’m convinced that most of the fun of eating out is in two things… I don’t have to clean up and ONLY when I’m out do I get the pleasure out of eating from a basket! I’m a pretty slacking mom but never have I served my kids food in a box or from a plastic basket. I’ve decided to give it a try…. this week if I can.

That one night that I feel like a total deadbeat and I toast them some chicken nuggets and tater tots. I’m going to find the closest plastic basket container I can find and line it with a paper towel, fill it fully of fatty goodness, and serve them ketchup in a dixie cup. It’ll be just like eating at Dairy Queen, only cheaper.

Just doing my part to pinch pennies… and the kids can actually do the dishes!

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Get the butter! Cuz I'm on a roll!..

Boy do I wish I had made that up on my own! 
I’m so much on a roll that I’m a day early!  For some reason I thought today was the first of February so I gathered up all my comments from January and had hubby pull a name out of a hat for the January Graphics Contest!
And the Winner is….Reen from the MommyAuctions Store “From Our Dresser to Yours…”

She posted her comments on my homeschooling blog!
To make up for my confusion all comments made TODAY, Jan 31st, 2009 will receive 2 entries into February’s Contest. 
Thanks to everyone who visited me this past month!
(originally posted here, and cross-posted again here!)


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Get the butter! Cuz I'm on a roll!..

Boy do I wish I had made that up on my own! 

I’m so much on a roll that I’m a day early!  For some reason I thought today was the first of February so I gathered up all my comments from January and had hubby pull a name out of a hat for the January Graphics Contest!

And the Winner is….Reen from the MommyAuctions Store “From Our Dresser to Yours…”

She posted her comments on my homeschooling blog!


To make up for my confusion all comments made TODAY, Jan 31st, 2009 will receive 2 entries into February’s Contest. 

Thanks to everyone who visited me this past month!

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Beware! Momma has a pie crust in her hand!

Admittedly I’ve been a little crazy with the pie crusts.  I seem to be taking any and all recipes, mixing the entire meal in a casserole dish and enclosing it in a pie crust.  In my defense, all but one tasted good and that’s all that matters. Right?

Last night’s concoction was great!  Could have used a bit more ‘juice’ but that’s an easy fix for next time.

Once again…  here’s the way we cook around here, somewhere in here is an actual recipe:

  1. First we cook a little rice…  I made 2 cups (cooked) and set it aside.
  2. While the rice was boiling, trying it’s best to burn like it did when I was in my twenties, I threw some frozen boneless skinless chicken breast tenders (from angelfoodministires) into a hot hot skillet pan thingy and put a lid on it.
  3. Then I peaked into the pan and poured about a 1/2 cup of water in and closed it again really fast (to make it steamy)
  4. Feed the baby a mum mum cracker, empty half the dishwasher and then add more water to the chicken..just a tad..
  5. Unroll ready made pie crust (cuz cool moms know what Pilsbury is and how to use it!) and shape it to the bottom of a casserole dish. 
  6. Flip chicken and add a can of cream of chicken soup to the skillet.  **this is where you may want to add more water, so you’ll have more juice when your done**
  7. When the chicken is close to done, spoon out some of the soup and put it in the casserole dish (to keep the rice from sticking).
  8. Spoon cooked rice into casserole dish and press down to form bottom layer.
  9. Use metal spatula to chop/break apart the cooked chicken into more manageable pieces. Then spoon chicken on top of rice.
  10. Open a bag of frozen mixed veggies (ours were peas, carrots, green beans, and corn) and dump a layer on top of chicken.
  11. Cover with another homemade pie crust and use fork to poke holes in the top.
  12. Bake on 350° for at least 30 mins or so… the chicken is done, you just need to cook the crust and the veggies.

Honestly, I was not expecting us to fight over the last piece!

Hope you like it!


for those keeping track, you needed:

a bag of your favorite frozen veggies
some skinless boneless chicken tenders
cream of chicken soup
pie crusts

I’d post a picture but we ate it too fast!

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What is a mom to do with broken balls?

I should not be complaining. After all, it has been over a year.

They have been used as funky bowling balls down the hallway.

They have been dropped on floor, fought over, and overworked.

Alas, my cool blue dryer balls are all pooped out.

Actually, one of them cracked in half like a ripe watermelon.

I wasted two weeks of my life pouting and scouring the stores for a new set (which of course I couldn’t find because I needed them). I finally found them in the checkout lane this past weekend. I guess it was just to easy to stock them in the laundry aisle with the dryer sheets. I was so excited that they were one of the first things opened while I put away groceries.

It’s a shame I didn’t see this post before my trip to Wal-Mart.

Goodmama,Inc has a great tutorial on how to make you own felted wool dryer balls! I have some scrap wool from my time attempting (giggle) to make knitted soakers for Bubbagirl’s cloth diapers…. yeah, not sure what I was thinking there! I figure making a basic ball can’t be but so hard so I’m going to give it a go this afternoon.

If all else fails I can check out The Bashful Sheep on Etsy where she has an adorably fabulous set of wool owl dryer balls!


I’m a firm believer that a good dose of baby fat can make any day brighter… let me indulge you!

How green can a laundry room be with all those unrecycled bottles laying around?

Are you trying to go green?
You’ve traded your convenient paper towels for washable towels. You’re hanging clothes on the line, stopped using paper plates, and are composting everything you can possibly feed to your new container of worms. You are to be commended my friend!
It’s a challenge to change old habits and the challenge can be heightened when you live in a ‘non- recycling friendly’ area. When finding an appropriate recycling bin for your waste is difficult, you’re more likely to just toss it in the trash bin. The other choice, is to store them like nuts to a chipmunk and end up with a garage full of cans and detergent bottles.
No longer shall your shed be packed with laundry detergent and dish detergent bottles! After searching through blogs and twitter friends I finally found 20 great ways to re-use your detergent bottles. (please remember to always rinse these bottles thoroughly1)
For crafting:
1.  Use for storage of beads or other small craft item. Fun foam beads are great for this! Little kids get a kick out of seeing what color will come out next!
2.  For larger bottles, gently remove the spout and stuff your skein of yarn into the bottle. Feed your strand through the spout and you have a great way to hold your yarn tangle free while you knit or crochet! (and it does not get dirty rolling around on the floor)You can also carefully cut a little ‘door’ on the side to input larger skeins, or to store your needle.
3.  On less round bottles, the sides can be cut out and used to create custom templates. Paper card stock templates change in size every time you trace around them. These make great templates for quilting – you get the same size every time.
4.  Dishwasher detergent bottles are a great size for storing bottles of craft glue. Simply cut down the bottle roughly 4 inches tall. You could easily store 3-4 bottles of glue. Leave one upside down for easy dispensing!
Organizational Helpers:
5.  Dish detergent bottles and dish washer detergent bottles make great soap dishes! Just cut an inch or so off the bottom and poke a small drain hole- voila!
6.  Start using Make Your Own (MYO) laundry detergent and store it in your old yucky detergents bottle (after you clean out all those bad chemicals)
7.  Store your weekly supply of baby wipe solution for easy dispensing when the wipes warmer gets low. A little tea tree oil will keep the solution fresh all week.
8.  Large containers, such as bulk detergent or coffee containers, make excellent storage devices. Many coffee companies are using square shaped plastic containers that stack wonderfully. Cut off the tops of large detergent containers to get a great handled desk or drawer organizer for just about anything!
9.  Keep one by the washer as a Lost Penny Piggy Bank. Any lose change found in pockets or wash tubs become fair game for mommy’s piggy bank! (And no one will think to look in the bottle!)
10.  Take out that messy bag of sand or cat litter in your trunk and pour it into your detergent bottle. Much cleaner and easier to handle while still keeping you prepared for roadside emergencies! While your at it, fill one with water for that hot radiator.
Just for fun:
11.  Cut out a scoop shape for scooping snow or sand! (Great tip from a great mom!)
12.  Let the kids use it as a toy in the bath tub! Small children love to pour water from one container to another. It can even double as a rinse bucket for hair washes.
13.  Easy watering can for indoor and outdoor plants. Turn it into an automatic watering pot by poking a couple holes at the bottom and setting it, filled with water, next to one of your garden plants.
14.  Remember that part you cut off for your soap dish? Use the other side as a handy funnel!
15.  Easily turn your scoop into a dog food or cat food scooper.
16.  Fill with water and stash in your toilet tank to conserve water.
17.  Tie to your boat as a dock bumper for extra protection.
18.  Never forget where you caught that big fish! Use your washed bottle as a buoy!
19.  Fill with a variety of items to make musical instruments. Great for home schooling! Let the kids test to see what sound beads make versus beans or marsh mallows!
20.  Use the bottoms as starter planters for your spring time herb garden.
It is hard to totally eliminate the use of plastic products. Especially when we are so accustomed to the products contained within them. Sometimes the best we can do it to use it as many times as we can for as long as we can. Make the most of your refuse and share with us what YOU can do with your bottles.

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Extreme bloggy makeover?!

I have one afternoon to pull off an extreme bloggy makeover on myself!  I’m sick of my old graphics (made well over a year ago) and I want a new look!  I also want my stuff to line up 🙂 and fix broken links….

I need suggestions though…  what are your favorite things about your favorite blogs?  Where is your favorite place to find things for your blog?

What do you find most annoying about my blog 🙂  ?!

ready….set…..  i’m gone!

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That's one cute chick!

Tina, from Virginia is for Kids, just hooked me onto one cute chick!
has some amazing deals!  (their logo includes one adorable little chick!

I skipped over to the site and found a great deal on legwarmers (just $1 with FREE shipping!)

Take a moment to check out a fellow VA mom (Tina) and the cute chick at CheapCheapCheap! We could all use an extra buck!

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Tell me why….

  • why is it my seven year old daughter knows how to microwave her own bag of popcorn without burning it but she can’t pull the plug in the bathtub when she’s done?

  • why is it people seem to think it’s okay to buy young children glitter glue sticks for Christmas?
  • why is it my hubby can upgrade every piece of hardware in his PC from hand me down scraps and it all works, but I ORDER my stuff new and it messes up?

  • why do kids only acknowledge our existence when we’re on the phone, trying to go to the bathroom/shower, or trying to concentrate?
  • why is it my digital over the air signal works just fine ALL day EVERY day except when Bones or House is on?
  • If yellow and blue make green, then WHY  when the sun goes down do we see red, orange, yellow, and blue in the sky but no green?
  • add your why…….
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