100 Words: Pleasure

This week’s prompt: Pleasure
100 words, no more no less
He lays beside me smiling, the twinkle in his brown eyes captivate my heart. He reaches for my face and I gingerly kiss his fingers. His body is warm curled up next to me. I rub his nearly bald head. I return the smile and he giggles, kicks my belly. Grabbing his pudgy toes, I tickle his feet. His full laugh is contagious. He tries to roll away but finds himself face to face with a bearded man. The man opens his big hazel eyes, a familiar twinkle takes me breath. The man whispers, “Lil Man, she was mine first.”

100 Words : Harsh

With chubby fingers she grips her crayon.  Her hands desperate to create on paper the masterpiece in her mind. She scribbles and scrawls crooked flowers and hearts. Her letters are reversed yet her face beams with pride over spelling her name – all by herself.

In her dainty ruffles and crinoline and patent leather Mary Janes, she proudly entered the kitchen where Father sat sipping his coffee.  His attention lost in the paper, business and politics deepen the creases in his brow. She tugs his jacket and offers up her card. He asks for her to return later. Daddy is busy.

100 Words : UNBIDDEN

My buddy Rhoni introduced me to Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 Words Challenge a few weeks ago.  Today I finally got up the nerve to try it out.  I think I may have gotten the prompt for this week mixed up but the point was to write 100 words and I did.  So here it is:
Uninvited you came, your words staining my heart
Naked emotions flail around me gasping for air
Breathless and shaking I search for solace, search for comfort
I am ashamed for things I do not own, tarnished by another’s sin
Drowning in tears I hear a voice, some one calling me by name
Dead lay my past beside me, on a shore of salvation I am reborn
Eagerly I look around with my new eyes, my spirit alive, my ears full of the sounds of praise.
Next to me I see The Book, I read His Word, I feel His Grace.