A new mom’s visit to the ER

It’s been 16 years since that awful Saturday morning. We laugh at it now. It’s one of those stories that my daughter loves to hear me tell. Because that day, her mother lost her cool on a stranger, and her mother rarely ever loses her cool on a stranger.

Doodlebug was close to her first birthday, when I realized that she and I were bored with each other. I had left my job to stay home with her and while I LOVED being home with her, I was struggling with feeling like that was enough of a contribution to our family. I missed the challenge of the workplace. I missed talking to grownups. Doodlebug, even at her tiny age, was starting to act bored with her little life at home with me.

My previous boss had emailed me that there was an opening in the accounting department and offered it to me. My Mr. and I talked it over, we found an amazing babysitter, and I took the job. Doodlebug would be cared for by her dad’s best friend’s mother. A sweet lady that cared for several children in her home. A sweet lady that had been caring for children in her home for YEARS. No worries.

The first Monday through Friday went wonderfully. Everyone was enjoying themselves. I was around grown ups doing grown up things. Doodlebug had other little people to play with and she loved Ms. Kathy.

Saturday morning, I woke up and stumbled out of bed to make coffee. While it brewed, I scooped up my Doodlebug and laid her on the living room floor to change her diaper.

It was blood red. Not poop, at least not all poop. It was runny, almost watery, and BLOOD RED.

I tried not to panic, I woke up her dad. I called my mom. I called his mom. I cleaned and wiped her bottom and looked for an injury but couldn’t find one.

What could have caused this?

We waited for another diaper change, and it was still red!

Y’all, I freaked out. All I could think was that someone had done something terrible to my kid and she was bleeding profusely and it had to be in internal thing because I couldn’t find any injury and OH MY GOODNESS DID SOMEONE DO SOMETHING INAPPROPRIATE WITH MY BABY!!!

We took her to the ER, an hour west of our house. His parents followed us. My best friend and her husband followed us. My mother and my step-dad drove from four hours away and met us at the ER. There we were, all of us, sitting in the emergency room, freaked out over Doodlebug’s bloody diaper.

Doodlebug was happily running around the room, right as rain, making all the other patients laugh.

Hours passed.

A lady came in, IN LABOR, and I growled at a nurse about my baby still not being seen by anyone.

A gunshot victim came in and I growled at a nurse about my baby still not being seen.

Some teenager that had done something stupid on a skateboard and sprained their wrist came in and was walked immediately back to the rooms and I LOST MY EVER LOVIN’ MIND!

I went to the counter, and lost it on a nurse.

“My baby is bleeding out of her nidgy bits and you are gonna see that kid with a boo boo on his arm over HER???  What is wrong with you people!!”

Meanwhile, my kid is wobbling around walking from one person to the next and stealing goldfish from her dad.

The very patient, very compassionate, nurse (and I don’t know how she held it together with me screaming at her) waved another nurse over and whispered something in her ear. She handed her my daughters paperwork and we were invited to the back rooms.


She asked me what my daughter had been eating and drinking.

“I don’t know for sure. I just returned to work and she’s been with a sitter this week, so I don’t know what she’s had.”

She asked me to undress her. So I did.

She looked down at the water red goo in the diaper.

She grabbed a little piece of paper and laid it on the red goo.

“Mrs. Baldwin, I’m happy to tell you that this isn’t blood in your daughter’s diaper. It’s red dye. She’s fine, but I’d find out what she’s been eating or drinking. She’s fine, I promise.”

I balled. Relieved. Embarrassed. I definitely didn’t want to walk out into the waiting room to tell all our family that they wasted a Saturday over food dye.

“It’s a common thing for parents to bring their kids in in a panic. That’s why we didn’t rush her in. She was playing and didn’t seem to be in any pain. I am sorry that it took so long though.”

I asked her to send in my husband while I redressed our daughter.

I sent him out to tell our family first. I just couldn’t bear it.


What's cuter than a baby's butt?

A healthy baby butt!
A while back I was offered an opportunity to review a line of certified organic products from BUTT NAKED BABY.  I jumped on it since we have some dry skin issues here and I have a general dislike of most general baby products. I sent an email to Jill and Diana expressing my excitement and waited patiently for the mailman to bring me a surprise.
And WHAT a surprise it was!!
They sent me some calming CLEANSER, gentle SHAMPOO, nourishing LOTION, protective DIAPER BALM, shea STICK, 911 rescue CREAM, and their baby CUTE SUIT!  I have to say my lil man was covered in BNB products in less than a couple hours, washed, dried, lotioned, balmed and dressed in their goodness!

My deepest apologies to the ladies for taking so long to get the review up but things here have been cra-to the -zee here AND I really wanted to try the products several times on all my kids to get more accurate feedback.  We have finally had a chance to try out all of it!
THE PRODUCTS (quoted from their site):

Butt Naked Baby is a natural and organic skin care line specially formulated for infants, babies and those with sensitive skin. We take a raw…natural..and pure approach to the creation of our formulations which contain only the finest natural and certified organic ingredients.
Enriched with our signature blend of white tea, green tea & calendula, these advanced formulas are pure luxury for your baby’s skin and safe to use everyday.

WHAT I LOVED (other than it being organic and cruetly free and made in the USA):
They work. The cleanser was non foaming and non drying! Everyone who has washed with it came out softer and clean! The shampoo did wonders on little man’s hair! Even hubby noticed a difference, and little man’s dry scalp disappeared.  We rarely have diaper rash issues but sure enough one showed up a week or so ago and the diaper balm had it cleared up within a diaper change.  The 911 rescue cream has been amazing on the kids and MOM!  My arms will break out in a rash from irritants in clothes, arms of chairs, coats and this cream relieved the burn and itch immediately.
The products are non-greasy which makes me a very happy mommy. The bottle sizes aren’t too small or too big.  I still have a big bottle of another brand from TWO babies ago….there’s only so much lotion one momma needs and BNB gives you just the right amount!
The initial smell.  It’s not bad, just took me off guard at first. I’m so used to powdery “baby” smells (what’s a baby supposed to smell like anyway?) that the very natural and earthy aroma took me by surprise.  It reminds me of what bathing in the river smelled like. Yes, I have done that before, I’m wild like that.  It didn’t last, the smell I mean, it faded away as soon as it was rinsed off or absorbed.
I can’t use the shampoo.  Boo. *giggle* I tried, but my hair type is weird and it didn’t work. They don’t say grown ups can use it I just tried it because it made little man look so soft and purty that I HAD TO. Cleanser yes, Shampoo not so much.  Lotion, Shea Stick, 911 YES YES YES.
I also don’t love that my Target store doesn’t carry it…. yet.  I’m going to put in a request.  Their website has a list of places offline and online that you can get some for yourself.
You won’t regret it, and neither will your baby.
Disclosure: I was sent product free of charge to try and review. My opinion is my own 100%. For more details please see my disclosures page.


Please nap.


I have one little cranky man.

He’s happy right now. As long as I stay laying in my bed, wide awake, acting as his personal tumble mat. If I get up, for food or the ever elusive bathroom break, he will writhe and cry and break out in a low grade fever; a trick that is guaranteed to get sympathy from everyone and put me back on the “Bad Momma” list.

I feel certain this is teeth related. He blew out his diaper a little bit ago so I’m feel pretty confident about scratching constipation off the list of usual suspects.

His sister had me up before 5am and mommy wants a nap in a bad bad way. I am even considering not running today out of concern for my safety. Falling asleep on the treadmill wouldz bad. Then again, a hot bath would be most delightful and few things guarantee me a bath like getting funky sweaty.

I had a really deep post to write today but my mimd has been squashed.  My brain cells oozing out of the tiny holes beingleft behind as Peanut climbs on my back using my hair and a rope.

Great, here comes the Toddler Tornado.


100 Words: Pleasure

This week’s prompt: Pleasure
100 words, no more no less
He lays beside me smiling, the twinkle in his brown eyes captivate my heart. He reaches for my face and I gingerly kiss his fingers. His body is warm curled up next to me. I rub his nearly bald head. I return the smile and he giggles, kicks my belly. Grabbing his pudgy toes, I tickle his feet. His full laugh is contagious. He tries to roll away but finds himself face to face with a bearded man. The man opens his big hazel eyes, a familiar twinkle takes me breath. The man whispers, “Lil Man, she was mine first.”