BeHer 2011 Gratitude Check in

I decided, when I started the year participating in BeHer 2011, that I would check in halfway through the month and then again at the end.
January Gratitude BeHer2011 Check In:

in no particular order:

  1. My husband
  2. Our Children
  3. The food on the table
  4. The heat in our house
  5. Painfully honest friends
  6. My dishwasher
  7. Music to Jam too
  8. Warm Blankets
  9. Successful breastfeeding
  10. Supportive family
  11. Frosting in a can
  12. Ability to read
  13. Ability to write
  14. Bedtime
  15. Hot baths
  16. Headphones

BeHer 2011… Where I learn to BE me!

Sometimes,as wives and mothers, we get so caught up in being everything to everyone that the good parts of us get all jumbled up and we all too often those parts of us are never fed, and nurtured, allowing us to grow into better moms, sisters, daughters, wives and friends.
I have one friend who has decided that this year she’s going to focus on BEing who God intended her to BE. Micki (the ADDHousewife) is focusing on being a better Micki in 2011 and she has invited her readers to join her.  Since this is my year to find boundaries, set boundaries and enforce boundaries I thought it would be very fitting for me to join in her BeHer 2011 and see if I can’t find the real me again.
Clickity click the image above to read about what BeHer 2011 is all about and how you can participate!
January is gratitude month.  I’m going to be hanging this in my kitchen, and every day I will fill in one of the window panes with something I am grateful for. I might even use colored pens like a stained glass window 🙂
31 days of gratitude.
Thanks Micki!
31 Days of Gratitude