Our Binder System


In my post Downsizing our Homeschool I mentioned that I wanted to implement  something similar to Amy’s Assignment Binders and I finally have the chance to post about it. 

Three weeks into our school year and so far I am finding this much easier then our workboxes.

I started by buying them each a 1” binder with the clear covers so they could decorate it as they wished.  Next year they can create new covers without me having to buy a new binder!


I found a pack of 5 plastic dividers that had pockets on each side. I labeled them Monday through Friday.


The blue file folder in the inside left pocket has their pen pals addresses written on the inside.  They store their pen pal letters in here and use it on Tuesday’s when we write our letters.


In the front pocket of each day’s tab, I put their work for the day.  It may be an empty page with just a heading. It might be a complete worksheet. Sometimes it’s the supplies they need, paperclipped to a notecard with the subject written on it (and “With Mom”). 


This one is forever in their Friday pocket. 

When they finish, they move the page or card to the back pocket. On Friday I gather all the times out of the back pockets to my file folder for grading. Which I am going to do at some point… and probably should do today.

That is when it will get hole-punched and moved to our big yearly binder. A big honkin’ 3” thing that stays on the shelf so Principal Daddy can check out what we’ve been up to.

In my nifty (and heavy) crate of file folders I have five labeled with the days of the week.  I can put worksheets and such in there that will be needed in future weeks.  This makes the filling of the binders on Sunday night a breeze. 

Do you do binders? File Folders? Workboxes?