Dear Diary (March 15, 2011),

Dear Diary,
The past week has been unbelievable.  No, we didn’t win the lottery.  There weren’t any fireworks. No one was born. No one died. It was blissfully calm. Productive even. We smiled. We played. We cuddled.
We did get a new-to-us truck. We have a small payment with it but it’s for two years ONLY and we needed safe transportation that would hold all 6 of us.  It’s not often you stumble upon a 14 year old truck with only 64,000 miles on it. It’s in beautiful condition, and since it only has a tape deck and fm radio Mr. B and I are again enjoying the case of cassette tapes we’ve been holding on to for all these years.
My patience paid off regarding the cabinets for my fabric. They were $55 each and even though I needed two I dared not ask for two.  This Sunday we found them on clearance for $25 each!  Mr. B bought me two even though I couldn’t tell him where I was going to put them.
We’re still fighting to get Bubbagirl to eat actual food.  She’s happy to trade some of her milk for some Kid Essentials from Boost and for two mornings I’ve convinced her to eat a banana. It’s progress.
We finally doing full school schedules again, and now we’re doing it with karate, violin and Awana’s.  Busy seems to fit us this week.
Anyways…..  The busy-ness of it all is shocking… the contentment is a nice change.  Feeling blessed is beautiful.