A hero, a web server and friends.

I wish I could write today and say that my pouty attitude from yesterday was better.
Unfortunately it is not.  It might even be a little worse.  I don’t remember crying yesterday, but I did it at least three times today.
Since January is Gratitude Month, I’m going to list a few positives I can skim off of today instead of dwelling on my frustrations.
First, we had a ton of leftovers from dinner last night, so I didn’t have to cook dinner.
Hubby worked all day yesterday and 6 hours in the middle of the night and still got up at 11am and spent most of the day building us a media server and me a web server so I can work on creating my own WordPress blog themes and designs.
He was also home when the battery died in my car and was able to quickly come to town and rescue me.
One of my online BFF’s gave me another opportunity to do some design work… and she liked the result!
I am within 30 minutes of being done with a project I should have had done already.  It’s one of those things that clings to the back of my mind as a “if they’d just behave I would have finished this already” anger trigger.  Thrilled to have the work, bummed that my time management skills are lacking….  but looky looky… I’m almost done!
I doodled a new idea for a friends blog design.
I found a pair of clean pants.
My shirt is a tad wee bit looser.
I have a couple of great mommy blogger friends who have taken me up on my offer to host guest posts!  I can not WAIT to see what these GREAT ladies write up!
I taught my kids Roman Numerals today and they totally got it!  We had fun writing our ages and birthdays in Roman Numerals.
Our six year old read two entire “chapters” in her Dick and Jane book with NO help.  ROCK ON TADERBUG!
The water bill arrived, on pink paper, warning of a disconnect. I got to throw it away because the check had already been sent in- they just crossed in the mail.
Our two year old used her potty three times tonight!
I will try again for a better day tomorrow and remember to end it by counting my blessings.