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Creative Ways to Reuse a Holiday Cookie Tin

cookie tins

I was happily scrolling through Instagram, when my husband stuck a blue tin in my face and asked me if I wanted it.

“Nah, I don’t want any cookies, thanks.” I replied without looking.

He laughed, “Good! Because there aren’t any cookies in there!”

He earned that chuckle fair and square, I wasn’t paying attention. He had just finished off a tin of those Danish butter cookies that come out around Christmas time. Well, my grandma taught me that you never throw away cookie tins or popcorn tins or any other reuseable container (cigar boxes, butter tubs, etc.), so I told him I wanted the tin and promptly put it on my desk to be washed and recycled another day.

Cute Vintage Cookie Tin
See the birdie? There is a bunny on the other side!

I already have a really cool tin (from my Nana), that stores my circular knitting needles, so I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with this one. I set about Google and Pinterest to find some ideas.

I really, really like the clock idea. And I think the succulent/plant holder idea is cute, but what to do with the lid? Maybe use the base for the plants and the lid as a clock? I don’t know. #useeverypart right?

Here’s what I found on Google:

I pinned them to a special board on Pinterest, and then found more ideas there!

Do you reuse cookie tins? Do you alter them, or just keep them as is? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Dear Diary, May 31st 2011

Dear Diary,

Who the heck did I upset to deserve this?


I mean really.

I’m okay with a bad day. I’m even okay with whiney kids.

The drawer in the bathroom full of sticky bottles where the baby’s gripe water leaked? I was okay with that too.

Until I noticed the gripe water was full of ants. Apparently child proof caps can’t stop a hoard of colicky ants.

I held my cool while hunting the possible black widow spider in the garage (that was never found).

I managed to not throw up as my children drew pictures of the antennaed multi legged stripy big eyed bug they found in their bathroom- that apparently got away as well.

The tears from the emotional nine year old? Swiped, calmed and kissed.

The hour long cryfest from the baby over nothing? Consoled.

Today was sucking but I was making lemonade….and then this happened.

This figurine that I have had and glued and pieced together for at least 25 years was destroyed when the pegboard I so proudly blogged about last night fell.

As I was cuddling my sleeping toddler girl with the baby sleeping on a big pillow at my feet, the velcro strips gave way and it all came crashing down.

The velcro didn’t, but the sticky part did. It just didn’t adhere. The strips are rated to hold the weight but when Mr. gets home that will be the first thing he comments on, how I had so much on there.

But it wasn’t the velcro, it was the sticky part that failed me.

I counted my blessings that none of the sewing machines were damaged, or the wall, or the peg board and then I cried.

I feel things crawling on me constantly even when there is nothing there. Peanut and I are covered in bug bites. I have resorted to fighting off ants with furniture polish. I have wasted a day and a half trying to put out emotional fires from my kids. Now I’m feeling like a slob, and a failure, and I have retreated under my rock.  My ability to filter my thoughts before they come out my mouth was faltering and it seemed best to log out of my favorite hang outs and hide.


The Tattered Tadey

Math, engineering, home ec and Motrin.

And coffee. Lots of coffee.
Today I thought I’d be a “cool mom” and turn this toddler tent craft into our schoolwork for the day.
It seemed simple enough. Take a set of old sheets, make some rectangles, sew them together, and drape over a card table.
There would be measuring, math, home economics, engineering, design, graphic, learning to scale, and…
Motrin. Lots and lots of Motrin. And Coffee. Let us NOT forget the coffee.
Taderbug got to use my new machine since it has the ability to step along really really slowly.
Doodlebug was all work on my old machine. She impressed me today! She paid attention to measurements, did the math, and spent 20 minutes rethreading the machine when it jammed.
We also learned that hand me down measuring tapes that are SO old that they aren’t even plastic tend to shrink over time and will ruin your measurements by a lot. We’re talking 1/2 ” here! I hated to toss it but I didn’t want to accidently use it.
Even Lil Man got in on the action! It’s not child labor if it’s educational right?
Well, here’s our tent. Two doors, two windows and tons of fun. The girls put a couple books on the table to the top would stick up like a princess castle. I’m pretty sure there is a camp out planned for tonight.
Hubby thinks I should make them (without the child labor) and sell them. I think that means he likes it. I like it when he likes my stuff.
Blogging from my Android….probably from the bathroom.

Salt Dough Ornaments… 2010

We tried these one a few years ago.  I mentioned them in a post back then, but didn’t include pictures. They were THAT BAD.
Older, somewhat wiser, and with another adult (Daddy) nearby, we set out to try again this year.  Using Super Mommy’s recipe we gave it another go…
In the oven
I won’t depress you with the details of the crying and sudden onset of “angry mom” that occurred during the rolling and cutting of the ornaments. We’ll just start with the purty ornaments you see in the oven there.
I haven’t decided if they will get to paint them or not. We may just leave them plain and use yarn instead of ribbon for the loop.  We have a bit of a Little House in the Big Woods theme going on with presents this year and leaving them “raw” seems fitting.

Why yes, that IS a Christmas Lizard, and Holiday Whale, and a Hanukkah  Flamingo and a Ho Ho Ho Pterodactyl.  Don’t ask.

and in case you were wondering…

Cinnamon Roll Ornament

Thanks Super Mommy!

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A few Saturday Christmas crafts

I was trying to find a few easy Christmas crafts I might could do with the kids this weekend that wouldn’t end with me wanting to stuff them all in a box and ship them to my aunt in New Mexico.  (She lives the farthest away)
I thought I’d share them with you since most are easy paper projects with things you might already have laying around….or you can easily substitute with something else.
Paper Sphere Ornaments
Paper Ball Ornaments
Coffee Filter Christmas Trees
3D Stars
Origami Boxes… great for gifts or for decorations!
I’ll post pics if we get anything finished!

Indian Headdress: A Thanksgiving Craft

One of our easy Thanksgiving Day crafts this year was our Indian Headdresses.

First I doodled up some feathers!

You can download my pdf file here :Feathers
I gave each girl 3 printouts (6 feathers total) for our craft and sent them off to color them in however they wanted.  We had some pretty wild feathers before we were done! Then they cut them out.
I took a paper grocery bag and cut off the top, roughly 2-3 inches wide.

After sizing it to my kid’s noggin I used my stapler to form a simple headband.
**Make sure to staple the TOP of the staples to the inside, so it doesn’t scratch their head. YES, you can use tape or glue, however thanks to my recent swapping of craft room and school room I cannot find either**
Next, I folded all the little feathers somewhere along the mid line just to help them stand up better.

Then I stapled them to the inside back of the headbands.

Easy peasy…  now to send my little Pocahontas Girls out to play!

Custom shoe designs

Due to a painful comment from Taderbug where she told me I NEVER did anything fun with them, I broke out the crafty stuffs and plopped down on the kitchen floor for some fun.
In the end I cried and tried not to yell as they both abandoned me half-craft to go play with their friends and left me to clean up.
I saw the idea for Modge Podge Shoes over on Ashley’s blog Make It and Love It a while ago.  When I stumbled upon some canvas tennies at that big WAL-store for $1 I snagged the girls each a pair with full intentions of making them skirts and matching shoes.
I plan to do a lot of things.  Much of it is on my Round Tuits list.
So I pulled out the shoes and some tubs of scrap fabric, my modge podge and some paint brushes and we went to town.
That is, until they thought their friends might be home and they left me to go back outside and play.  You know, me and my glue and brushes and scraps all sprawled out on the floor waiting for me to pick them up. Yea… cuz kids ROCK like that.
Here’s where they stopped:

What craft have you been dumped in the middle of?  Do you try to stick to quick crafts?  How do you motivate your kids to stick to a craft that requires time and patience?

Taking my love to town…or to market…

Not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I love crafts. I love all crafts. I love anything that lets me be creative.

For those who don’t know yet (read: all my non twitter readers), I have opened an etsy shop.  Thanks to a new artfire promotion, I have also opened up a shop on their site.

Chaotic Craftiness on Etsy  and Artfire!

One of my custom orders ended up so cute! Custom bib, wipes case, and card holder!
The card holders are great for business cards, id’s, debit/credit cards! Perfect for kids to hold school id’s , lunchroom cards, library cards!
So far I’ve had the most fun making ‘Lil Dribblers (with matching britches) for my drooly lil fat man…
CIMG0145  CIMG0147
 CIMG0166 CIMG0162

I have more to list and PLENTY of new ideas coming down the pipe.  Trying to get schoolwork done and still have time to sew with this crazy bunch is a bit of a challenge for this easily distracted mom.

I’d love it if you’d take a peek and leave me some feedback here on what you like or don’t like.  I’d love some honest opinions!

How NOT to make homemade laundry detergent.

1898 advertising poster
Image via Wikipedia

This post is going to be short and sweet because Peanut is stirring!
Yesterday I decided to make some homemade laundry detergent.  I love the stuff and it works great with our cloth diapers.  I had run out of the pre-packaged SAHM stuff that I bought online a while ago.  So I searched for some recipes, found them all the be almost identical, and then decided to follow my friend Amy’s recipe instead.
I had to use what I had around the house so our mixture included Ivory soap, Borax, and OxyClean (for the washing soda).
I want to let you know that the part in her recipe where she says LOW HEAT… she means it ya’ll.  LOW HEAT.. as in DO NOT BOIL or even let it simmer…
Ever act stupid and put bubble bath in a jacuzzi or hot tub? Yeah, you get that effect when you boil soap on the stove.  Taderbug was stirring for me and once I dumped in the oxyclean my pot started to look like something from a Halloween display!  I grabbed the pot and moved it to the sink where I think it overflowed bubbles for over 5 minutes(with no added heat!)
All came out well in the end, my kitchen sink is clean, and for hours last night the entire house smelled Ivory clean.  I scored 2 gallons of laundry detergent (four bottles) for less then a couple bucks!  I think I might bag some ‘kits’ up and sell them at our yard sale.
Do you make your own detergent?  Do you stick to a tried and true recipe or do you swap out whats available?

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