I just wanted to take my vitamins

I woke up feeling not so good this morning.

I think I have a cold.

I wanted to take my vitamins.

That meant I needed food.

I went into the garage to start a load of diapers and get a bagel dog for breakfast. (shut up….it’s hot and has protein…and it’s fast)

This is what I found:


That looks fun right?

See the melting frost? Yeah, that’s fun too.

And the plug…the UNPLUGGED plug? It is supposed to plug in behind the washing machine. The machine that I had to pull out and then use an old CB antenna to pry the wire out from under the leg so that I could fetch the end to plug it back into the power strip.

Good times.

Dear Bubbagirl,

Thanks so much for knocking over my pile of folding dishtowels on SATURDAY, sending them behind the freezer, making me call Daddy to fetch them, where he used his big Daddy muscles to move the giant freezer from the wall which inadvertently ripped the plug from the power strip. 

        Love, Mom