There was a menu plan..and then

I had a plan, and then I squashed it. 

I called my mom today, trying to act like it was all HER idea to start with, and invited myself and all my kids to her house this weekend!

I can get away with stuff like that.  Peanut helps.  He’s little and growing fast so Mom isn’t going to miss a chance to see him.

Yes, I’m totally using it to my advantage.  Terrible isn’t it.


I’m not leaving until Thursday so I still have HALF a week of meals planned out.

Here they are:

Tonight: Crockpot roasted chicken.  (check out our new BlogFrog community, where I just talked about cooking this FROZEN chicken LOL)

Tomorrow: Crockpot Chicken Tetrazzini

Wednesday: Bread Bowls and Chili :  this is our freezer night, where we’ll eat something that I made earlier (OAMC).  The bread bowls will be new from a recipe I found here.

We’ll leave Thursday (does anyone else see me visiting Chik-fil-a on the way to the interstate?) and be back sometime Sunday.

What are the chances my kitchen won’t be a wreck when I get home?  Does your spouse keep things clean while you’re away?