Almost midnight ramblings

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Babies, sickness, tooth aches and busy-ness will do that to a momma. I should be sleeping now but I needed just five minutes to drink the rest of my water bottle and be with myself.
I would say that it is quiet now but its not. The fish tank is humming. The turtle tank is splashing as the filter drops water almost six inches down into the tank. Mr. B is snoring. The fridge kind of buzzes and then makes the occasional ka chunk sound as it drops ice into the bucket.
I hear everything. What I wouldn’t give for a quiet moment to think. I keep getting angry that I’m working so hard to get that time and never feeling like I get it.
I’m starting to realize people are helping me get that time I just can’t stop the chatter in my head.
The constant run of what I need to do and buy and make and try and learn….
I need to turn it off. My brain is like a man with a remote and too many channels just flippin’ around and never really watching anything.
When given time to work I spend an hour just trying to figure out what to do first. Then I start only to find out my time is up. I need to make a plan. Give each interest of mine a month that is just theirs.  Maybe if I know I can make time for hobby A later I can better focus on interest B now.
Apparently my scent wore off of the shirt I left behind because Lil Baby Man just realized I wasn’t in bed anymore. Duty calls.
Blogging from my Android….probably from the bathroom.