The Joys of Teething and other fun stuff

I think this is week three of teething. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong a lot lately.  Like when I wrote my rent check out of the wrong bank account. The drool has started draining out of the little Peanut Man like a broken hydrant. I’m praying that is a sign that we’re almost done.  If not, I may have to resort to using his little razor blade fingernails to slit his gums and move things along. I’m an thankful every day for my Hyland’s teething tablets and gel. (I know the tablets have been voluntarily recalled, we’ve just never had an issue with them, so I’m using up what I have left)

We’ve been trying to do some easy science experiments in between fussy spells.  I’m working on reviewing an experiment eBook from Touch of Home Learning and so far the kids are LOVING it!

This is from one of their experiments!

I’ve also missed a week in my #7virtues book study (click here for last chapter’s post) because I’ve been trying to focus on what it was painfully reminding me I was supposed to be focusing on.  So instead of keeping up with The Blog Dare I was paying attention to the “bugs” and trying to pay some attention to hubby. 

We’ve been struggling with school lately as well and while I had been just doing what I could and making do I have decided that I’m tired of just “making do”.  My girls have been making do with whatever mom pulled together that day for a couple years now, because of new babies, and I needed to give them something more structured.  I was reintroduced to Time 4 Learning and am so excited to be offered a chance to try it out for FREE in exchange for an honest review on my blog. My disclaimer is posted in my sidebar.  I cannot wait to get started!  I am already thanking the Lord for His blessings on this.  Two years ago we could not have afforded to let one kid be a member on that site now we can afford to sign up both of our girls!

I am also very excited about a couple of blog graphics I’m working on!  It’s challenging to try and design with Lil Peanut on my lap (or nursing!) but SO VERY excited that these wonderful moms are trusting me with their graphics!  My kids are going to my moms house this weekend for a “It’s Nanny’s Birthday Not Quite Spring Yet Break” and I’m hoping to have lots of time then to finish these up and fix up my own blog for spring time.

How could I forget?  I am also anxiously awaiting a package from Butt Naked Baby!  Isn’t that name adorable?! I’ve been offered a chance to review one of their products and after spending some time on their site I must say I’m stalking my mailman!

Enough rambling….  totally lost my focus again. I’m pretty sure I need to go fish something out of Lil Man’s mouth again.


WAIT…. I wanted to share with you guys the little sheets I made Taderbug for school this week.  They are simple, for learning to read.  Take the letter at the top of the page and add it to all the word endings.  Then circle the words that are REAL words.  She loved it.

You can get it here.

TTFN!  Lisa

Rainbow Meal Planning

I realized at dinner last weekend that we needed a new way to eat. I, as mom and Chief Lunchlady, needed to find a way to get healthier foods on our table and in our mouths.
I did a little research on foods of different colors and created a little chart for us to use to see how well we do.
The goal is to eat on food of each color of the rainbow every day. Here is our chart (click the picture to download it for yourself!)

Eat The Rainbow Chart
I’m printing one for each member of the family so we can mark off every time we eat a color. The person who can fill up the entire rainbow (7 colors X 7 days = 49 check marks) will win a prize at the end of the week.
To help me choose foods I printed off the pdf on the NDSU site : “What Color is Your Food?
Ask Dr Sears’ website has some great information on what nutrients come from what colors (natural colors of course!) and a few fun ideas to get the kids interested in eating colorful foods!
I also stumbled upon some fun info about food and colors 🙂
Color Matters has me on the hunt for a blue light for my fridge!  Seems blue is an appetite suppressant!
From Color Psychology:

Food for Thought

While blue is one of the most popular colors it is one of the least appetizing. Blue food is rare in nature. Food researchers say that when humans searched for food, they learned to avoid toxic or spoiled objects, which were often blue, black, or purple. When food dyed blue is served to study subjects, they lose appetite.Green, brown, and red are the most popular food colors. Red is often used in restaurant decorating schemes because it is an appetite stimulant.
Read more: Color Psychology —

This doesn’t explain the absolute deliciousness that are Blueberry Muffins but there is an exception to every rule right?
Maybe I’ll start participating in Muffin Tin Monday again!  A color in each spot!
Are you trying to eat healthier in the New Year?  Do you have any special plans to get you there?

Passing Down the Machine

14 years ago…
(I feel a little Abe Lincoln here…)
my very new hubby did a very stupid thing and took his Sears card for a drive, buying me fancy schmancy sewing machine. (The gift was nice… using the credit card was stooooopid)
Five years ago, he sprung for a serger.
This past Mother’s Day, he upgraded me to a Singer Futura Embroidery Machine.
Yea, he’s a keeper.
Since the new machine is also a sewing machine, a fancy schmancy one at that, my poor little Kenmore machine is wrapped in plastic on the shelf waiting for someone to love it again.
The someone is here, in the house, I have just been waiting for her to grow up enough to sit still and pay attention.
This week, I let her sit and practice (on my new machine! *gasp*) sewing straight lines.  She’s going to make me crazy asking to do it again.  I need to sit with her this time, because she got excited and started stitching all my scraps together willy nilly like and stopped paying attention to what she was doing.
I might be crazy, but she really wants to learn.  So for Christmas, in her stocking, she will be getting her first measuring tape, some pins, a pin cushion, and a seam ripper.  She will also get full on access to Momma’s Sewing Machine… the first one.
I think I might print her off some of these starter projects and put them in a binder for her.

Did you teach your kid to sew? How old were they? Do you know of a fun/easy sewing idea?

Stolen from Public School…. it’s Math Blitz Week!

Salt Tray Math

My friend Laurie tweeted this morning about her local school system having a Math Blitz Week and how she was going to do the same thing with her kids this week.  Being the total copycat mom that I am I have stolen her idea and the school’s idea and am having a math blitz week of our own!

Today, made up some basic addition facts flash cards and practiced them, both grades (3rd and 1st) together.  Then we drew a giant number 10 on a piece of art paper and decorated all around it with the many facts that equal ten.  The girls earned a tootsie roll for remembering all of them without my help.  I pulled out some old workbooks and set Tader up at the kitchen table to work through the fun pages while Doodlebug and I sat on the floor to formally introduce her to multiplication.

My NON math child now knows how to multiply and filled in a multiplication table up to the nines!!  I couldn’t be more excited!

Here are some links to the resources we’ll be using this week!

Won’t you join us!?

Indian Headdress: A Thanksgiving Craft

One of our easy Thanksgiving Day crafts this year was our Indian Headdresses.

First I doodled up some feathers!

You can download my pdf file here :Feathers
I gave each girl 3 printouts (6 feathers total) for our craft and sent them off to color them in however they wanted.  We had some pretty wild feathers before we were done! Then they cut them out.
I took a paper grocery bag and cut off the top, roughly 2-3 inches wide.

After sizing it to my kid’s noggin I used my stapler to form a simple headband.
**Make sure to staple the TOP of the staples to the inside, so it doesn’t scratch their head. YES, you can use tape or glue, however thanks to my recent swapping of craft room and school room I cannot find either**
Next, I folded all the little feathers somewhere along the mid line just to help them stand up better.

Then I stapled them to the inside back of the headbands.

Easy peasy…  now to send my little Pocahontas Girls out to play!

A Thanksgiving Coloring Prompt: Food

What food are you thankful for?
Today we are coloring plates full of our favorite foods!

Join in by downloading our Thankful for our Food Coloring Page


Here is what my girls are thankful for:
This is Taderbug’s. She is thankful for chicken nuggets, oranges, spaghetti, peas, and hmmm… maybe those are raisins.
My Doodlebug is thankful for green beans, chicken, oranges and juice.  There is more on this plate but she ran off before I could get the details.
If your little ones would like to share what they are thankful for link up with the Mr. Linky below!  I’d love to see what they doodle!

Observe, Compare, Contrast: A Science Worksheet

One of the easiest ways to “do” science is to just use your eyes and observe the world around you!
Look at fruit, trees, bugs.
Examine types of floors, colors of flowers, smells from the spice rack.
Here is a simple chart we print and use to fill in our findings.

Observe, Compare and Contrast Science Worksheet
In column one we simply write (or draw) what we see.  What color is the apple?  What shape is the cinnamon stick?
In the second column we compare how they are alike.  The apple and orange are both round.  The tree and the bush are both green.
In the last column we show how they are different.  Red vs. Orange.  Tall vs. Short. Strong smell vs. No smell.
Please feel free to download our simple spreadsheet and add to your collection of fun worksheets!
Come back and let us know what you observed.

Time 4 ABC’s : New Alpha Doodle Coloring Page

It’s been a long time since I posted a new coloring page. That whole pregnancy and having a baby thing just wore me out!

I thought while I was on our last little trip for the summer you might enjoy a new cheesy coloring page to print out for your kiddo.

A back to school page just for fun!




Click here to download in pdf: Time 4 ABC’s