In 1942…

Today we learned about Columbus.
This required aluminum foil boats and the bathtub Atlantic Ocean.

We tried explaining to Lil Man that he could NOT be a hurricane, or tsunami, or whirlpool.
Alas, we still had issues…
So I made all the good sailors take a nap….or sit quiet… or rest…. or
just sit on your napmat, have a snack, listen to your classical music and DON’T LEAVE THIS ROOM!
Man, what’s a mom gotta do to get some quiet time around here?

Day one… How do you do this with little ones again?

First I’ll apologize for the bad photos…. apparently little fingers smudged up my camera on my phone.
Monday was our first day of school. Since I’m not the “take them out everyday” kind of homeschooler (I’m more of the “yes you can study in your pj’s” type) I decided to buy everyone new pajamas for bedtime Sunday night! Nothing says ‘7:30 am comes hard and fast, you better go to sleep NOW’ like new pajamas and forced family photo sessions.

Why yes, Doodlebug is holding Lil Man by his ears. She’s keeping his head on straight. Or something like that.
God made sure I was up by 6:30, so I made sure to read my #b90days selection while having coffee.  They didn’t fight over breakfast. They didn’t argue about getting dressed, brushing their teeth or brushing their hair. Maybe because Daddy was upstairs in bed (sick) and they knew he was listening.
I gently requested that he refrain from watching tv until we were done, and he gently requested his PSP so he would watch videos under the covers.
We survived. That’s about all I can say about that. Trying to read a story about Leif Ericson while Lil Man flings markers and Bubbagirl begs for cartoons or screams because Lil Man is on her napmat was challenging.
The biggest thrill was finally getting to lay down on the nap mats I made them. Not that anyone actually napped.

Tomorrow’s another day right?
P.S. aside from putting the little ones in the closet for a couple hours, anyone have any tips on keeping them busy?

Wet t shirts


So I’m the supercool mom on the block today because we the sky fell and dropped alligator raindrops on us I let the girls keep playing. Outside. In the rivers and puddles.

Until I realized that the 9 year old was wearing her white tank top. More specifically, a boys white undershirt that she wears as a tank top. Ahem. Little girls don’t wear white tshirts in the rain.

She giggled when I called her up to the porch to put on another shirt. Then she realized Lil T Man across the street could see her bewbs. Oh. Em. Gee. Mom.

As you can see, she’s wearing pink now.

Blogging from my Android….probably from the bathroom.

10 Ways to know you were camping…with kids.

1. You finally get a hot shower and realize that your entire family smells like a campfire.
2. You have sunburn stripes down the side of your thigh, because the toddler fell asleep on your lap while you sat at the water’s edge making sand castles and she blocked the sun from the rest of your leg.
3. When asking your kids what they want for dinner they respond “anything but hot dogs”.
4. You have a renewed appreciation for coffee without coffee grounds floating in the cup.
5. You unpack your Kindle and realize you didn’t read one word of anything that wasn’t printed on a sign.
6. Everything you read in the past week included a bear warning.
7. The answer to “Mom, where is…” is “in one of the tubs”.
8. The toddler believes marsh mellows are a food group.
9. There is more sand in my house than in the neighbors sandbox.
10. Everything your family consumed for the past five days came from a can, bag or snack pack cup. Need veggies stat.

It was a great vacation. Even with the bugs and the sunburn and the fish. I walked to the potty in the dark alone at 2 am with nothing but a lantern. That is HUGE since I’m terrified of the woods at night. I even started getting the lake a few times. Another HUGE step since I’m afraid of the fish. No, I don’t think they will bite me, I just don’t want them touching me…at all.
I apologized 1000 times for my totally unsocialized *giggle* homeschooled kids who insisted on saying hello to everyone and asking them how they were doing and where they were from and did they want to ride bikes with us or walk with us or come join our campfire for marsh mellows.
I took a little too much enjoyment out of getting my girls to do work by telling them that it was “what a Girl Scout would do”. We fell asleep by counting how many times the whippoorwill called and woke up to the sounds of Doodlebug announcing that the sun was finally up.
The big girls learned to snorkel. Bubbagirl learned to use the brakes on her big girl bike and we learned that Lil Man isn’t afraid to go underwater.
We are tired and dirty and itchy and tanned.
We are also very glad we came home a day early and were safe inside when the bad, bad storm came through.

Pearls and heels

I am not a shoe girl. Mainly because I have size 10 wide squared feet that do not fit in anything pretty. NOTHING.
I have tennis shoes.
I have my $10 black ballet flats from the big store.
Last summer, I bought a pair of white $10 ballet flats.
I can’t even wear flip flops because they look rediculous.
Well, I just might have to paint my toenails and apply a little foot lotion because hubby just bought me these!
Not only were they size 10, and wide, and they fit, without having to wear hose, but they were only $10!!!!
I don’t even care that my toes are weird… I have cute shoes.
My friend Jessica B would say “if they are looking at your feet your doing something wrong” so I guess I won’t worry about my toes.
I might have to go back and get the black pair, for Relevant 11. It’s in October, can’t wear white then right?
Seems someone is trying to bogart my new shoes.
I decided yesterday to “break them in” by wearing them for 15 minute increments while I did chores. Better to work them now than to be standing barefoot in church Easter morning.
Um, I like it.
Wearing the heels I mean.
I haven’t worn them in so long that I forgot how pretty they make me feel, even if I am wobbly.
I was enjoying wearing them around the house, clicking across the floor to gather dishes.
Maybe I need to find me a more appropriate pair for around the house, and find my pearls.
They TOTALLY made my cotton muumuu nightgown look hawt.

I said BED time. No one said anything about SLEEP.

Our girls were having bedtime difficulties.
Ok. Our kids have ALWAYS had bedtime difficulties. We would have a run of good nights and then BLAM!  Whining. Dragging. The never-ending “I forgots”.
While they were at Awanas Sunday night I made up a little reminder to help them.
It’s our bedtime checks, a list of what not to forget, in rhyme with a last minute recap of our definition of bedtime.
I don’t care if you sleep. It’s not SLEEPtime. It IS “night” time. It IS “bed” time. The moon is up doing it’s job. All they have to do is stay IN BED.
Now….I need to define when “morning” begins!

Before you run that bath, check for toilet paper

Nothing like stepping into a steaming HOT bath, looking down, and seeing little pieces of wet toilet paper floating around your legs.
I *heart* my kids.
The shower was quick, as the hot water heater was almost emptied when I filled the tub.
It’s been that kind of day.  I’m not really sure if this sudden onset depression is just stress + hormones + weather or if there are deeper underlying things that help trigger it. I do know it’s getting on my last nerve.  Hubby has been holding (sleeping in his chair) the baby since he got home so I could just sit without someone in my lap for a few minutes.  He’s trying to be helpful.  I’m just totally overwhelmed right now. He would be more than willing to stay home watch the kids for me to go out somewhere but what I really need is for everyone to leave me here.
I’d love to move the laundry up and down the stairs without having to carry a 20lb baby in the basket with me.   I’d like to start cleaning the kitchen and finish it. I’d LOVE to cut coupons without Lil Man eating most of them.
Tomorrow my friend Jess is coming over to hang out for a bit.  She’s bringing four kids with her.  I was hoping to find my kitchen table before she got here so we could sit at the table while the kids are in the living room playing.  Probably not going to happen.
In my head I know that this is just the “baby stage”, where things get left unorganized for a bit and one day I’ll wake up and he’ll be playing without needing me and I’ll have the time to take back my house.  Then I start thinking how much better things would be if I took it back now, or better yet, if I had NEVER let it get this way.
Then I feel like a craptastic mom for failing my husband and my kids for the past 15 years and not having things taken care of in advance so we could weather this “baby stage” unscathed.
Then I start thinking maybe I just don’t have it in me to be “together”.  I mean, we were married for FIVE years before we had Doodlebug.  Our house wasn’t all pull together then.
Maybe I will never have my ducks in a row or my “stuffs” in one sock.  What if my kids grow up to be unorganized messes?
What if moving to a bigger house doesn’t make it any better? What if getting rid of excess stuff doesn’t make it any better?  What if…