Game Day at the Schoolhouse

This year I’ve done a few things different.  Planning different. Teaching different. Stressing out differently.
I also scheduled our Christmas break. A LONG one. It will feel great waking up next Monday morning knowing that we are not doing school and it is OKAY.
That makes today our last day of school for 2010.  The girls are excited.  This mom is excited.  I can’t imagine what they are going to do when they find out our last day is going to be “Game Day”.
Last Tuesday, The Homeschool Village held a twitter Christmas party and one of the questions asked was “Do you use games in school?” (or something like that, it’s hard to keep up with parties that rockin’!)  I use fun and games to teach all the time but must admit I have never sat down with my kids and a board game and played with them as a planned part of our schoolwork.  The list of games came pouring in over tweetchat and made a point to pull up the party on Wednesday and start making a list.
Today, Daddy is home from work.  Today, our last day of the school for the year, we are going to play games.  No Wii games (great idea, we just don’t have a game that everyone can play yet).  No computer games.
I think we’ll start with Skip Bo, then UNO, and see if I have any hair left before moving on.
They will be excited.  Once I get the game going, Daddy will be excited. I am the one that struggles with this.  I love games, and I love my kids.  I simply have a hard time enjoying it while bouncing a 20 pounder on one knee and distracting the 2 year old so she won’t move around all the pieces.
Here are a list of games they mentioned at the party:

Non “Board Game” Ideas that were shared:

  • Cooking
  • Counting down until…bedtime, dinnertime, etc.
  • Playing store with coupons, boxes from kitchen, empty containers
  • Dress up, act out stories you have read
  • Minute to Win It! Practice some of the games from the game show!

What games do you play with your kids?  Do you ever do it as part of your planned schoolwork?

Some of the links here are Amazon affiliate links.  If you were to purchase it, yes, I would get a few cents to go towards our school fund.  This link offered a great description of the product and reviews and I only included them on games I had never heard of before.

Stolen from Public School…. it’s Math Blitz Week!

Salt Tray Math

My friend Laurie tweeted this morning about her local school system having a Math Blitz Week and how she was going to do the same thing with her kids this week.  Being the total copycat mom that I am I have stolen her idea and the school’s idea and am having a math blitz week of our own!

Today, made up some basic addition facts flash cards and practiced them, both grades (3rd and 1st) together.  Then we drew a giant number 10 on a piece of art paper and decorated all around it with the many facts that equal ten.  The girls earned a tootsie roll for remembering all of them without my help.  I pulled out some old workbooks and set Tader up at the kitchen table to work through the fun pages while Doodlebug and I sat on the floor to formally introduce her to multiplication.

My NON math child now knows how to multiply and filled in a multiplication table up to the nines!!  I couldn’t be more excited!

Here are some links to the resources we’ll be using this week!

Won’t you join us!?

A Virtual Baby Shower

Nursery Rhymes Baby Shower Cupcakes
Image by abakedcreation via Flickr

In honor of FINALLY hitting 37 weeks, I’m having a virtual baby shower for myself.  It’s my blog and I can do things like that.
I can’t feed you cake (I made one for me, but it wouldn’t ship out too well).  But we can play games!  I’m hoping to send out little prizes of some kind to the winners, but it’ll have to be after delivery, for obvious reasons.
To play, just leave a comment with your answer/guess.
Game #1:
Guess the Due Date – Actual calculated due date June 6th (which is also my biggest little sister’s birthday). Our first two kids came late and were induced. Bubbagirl, my first home birth, was one week and 4 days early.  Just FYI, full moon is on May 27th, which happens to be my little brothers 18th birthday.  Also, our 13th wedding anniversary is June 7th…. just sayin’… God has a wild sense of humor.
Game #2:
Guess the Weight and Length – Our other kids have been between 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 lbs and 20-21″
Game #3:
How big around is Momma – We’ll wait until the day arrives to grab the final tape measure… but most of ya’ll have seen pics so far… so guess how big I’ll be.
Just for fun:
We did this with our first born and I wish we had done it with the other two.  We had everyone write an acrostic poem using Samantha’s name.  Now, we don’t know if Peanut is a boy or a girl and we have really only settled on a boy name SO, I’d like to invite my shower guests to write a poem for Baby Baldwin.  They will be printed out and added to their scrapbook.
Thanks in advance to all my buddies who play along and help me make these last weeks a little more entertaining!

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I know that’s not the most creative name for a game but I’m working on limited brain power these days.
This past week my dear hubster and I have started playing canasta again. Actually I played, he just handed me cards until I won! HA HA (sorry baby, couldn’t resist, I’m sure you’ll get me next time!) Doodlebug, our eight year old, desperately wanted to play with us. I remember playing when I was eight, but I really don’t. think Doodle’s is ready. Her math skills aren’t where they need to be to play effectively. So, today I’m going to try to help her with her math by using cards in an effort to hone her card playing skills.
I call the game TEN!
I’m sure if you google ‘card games to teach kids math’ there will be some mom who already has this idea, it’s not that amazing or unique 🙂
Think OLD MAID crossed with GO FISH with addition.
We’ll deal out 5 cards.
Leave the rest in a pile in the middle.
I’ll pick a card from her hand, and see if I can add it to one in my hand to equal 10. If I can’t, then I’ll draw one card. First one to empty their hand wins.
If she does well, then we can play again but add to 11 or 12 and so on. Maybe at some point letting her use up to three cards to total the correct amount.
I’m considering taking out some of the K,Q, and J’s to keep the deck small.
Wish me luck! We’ll be playing after breakfast!