What if it was just all gone…

imageI have absolutely no right to be whining right now. I have friends having completely crappy days at this very moment and yet I’m sitting on my couch, eating cheese and crackers, in near tears over this picture.
Honest to goodness, this was JUST taken. This is the better side of the room. Most of it could be tidied up in minutes. No major filth, just clutter. Every where.
I’ve been in three different rooms today trying to organize and switch from winter things to summer things.
I try to get going and then I just stop and wonder …
What if it all just went away? What if I didn’t question it and just tossed it? What if I took anything I haven’t worn in a year and put it in a bag? What would happen if all those craft supplies that I NEVER use or make anything with were donated, freecycled, TODAY?
Would my world come to an end?
Would I fail to ever craft again because I had to plan for it and go buy supplies AS NEEDED?
Would my kids become suddenly uneducated because I eliminated the Kindergarten workbook they never used?
I realize I have tubs of tubs for organizing and piles of stuff not in tubs. It is insanity.
It needs to stop.
Because nothing bad is going to happen if some of this stuff just goes away.

Organized: Just not meant to be…

I am a perpetual organizer.  I am always organizing, reorganizing, and sorting.  My husband likes to joke that I can’t clean a room without totally redoing the entire space.  He dreads the words “I need your help cleaning this weekend” because he knows it means he’ll spend his Saturday standing around waiting for me to need him to move furniture or haul boxes.  I get sick of the stuff.  I get sick of the piles.  I’ll spend too much money buying the newest organizing tool or tub or drawer only to have it not work for me.

The problem is me.  I like to have my stuff near me.  I like to have it out where I can see it.  It can be labeled and stacked in an organized fashion (in my mind) but to have it nicely tucked away pretty much guarantees it will sit there untouched for years.  As much as I want to go sew right now I won’t because by the time I get the stuff out someone will need me (and by need me I mean referee a fight or fix some food).  If I keep our school/craft supplies put away in little cubbies then no one else will be able to find it when they need it.  Not that I don’t mark and label the entire bookshelf it’s just that they can’t see or read (even my husband suffers from this disorder).  Never have I seen a group of people who suffer so horribly from selective vision!

Oddly, I am comforted by my piles and my stacks.  I’m not quite a hoarder, as I do desire the ability to walk through my house, but I do enjoy being able to see my stuff, to keep it handy. 

Do you find organizing a challenge? Do you find the maintenance part difficult? 

I’m wondering if all this time I’m devoting to trying to become more organized might just be going too much against the grain of who I am and what my personality needs.   I know where everything is, even if no one else does.

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