Welcome Lil' Man, aka Hoss, aka Peanut…

After weeks of tweeting that I thought it was ‘time’…. it finally was TIME.
What started out as just not feeling well a 8pm, turned into ‘gosh this is uncomfy’ at midnight.  Quickly followed by a 2:30 am nudge to hubby for him to wake up and make himself some coffee.  (His response:  “why?”   My response: “cuz I’m having a baby silly?”   His response: “no your not, you just have gas”)
At 3 am I ‘nudged’ him a little more forcefully as I had decided I did NOT want to be up all by myself and my good friend Rena, who had been chatting with me through the labor since midnight, had to go to bed.
I had called the midwife, who told me to call back when they were four minutes apart, and lasting over a minute.  I had called my mom, who had the longest drive, and told her not to panic or rush but that it was time to head this way.
Hubby made coffee, cleaned up the kitchen, got the tub out and the towels, hooked up the water hose to the sink, and then rented “The Road” off the playstation 3 and started watching a movie.
At 4 am we called hubbys parents so they could head up to our house.
At 4:30 I called my midwife back, in tears.  They were not a steady 4 minutes apart but I could feel I was running out of time, as so could she.  She made it here about 5 am.  I was already in the tub as I couldn’t stand it anymore.  Yea, it hurt…. alot…. more then it had with Bubbagirl.
I remembered to make low sounds.  I remembered to breathe through the pain.  I also reached deep into myself and remembered how to cry like a little girl, shake my head and tell my hubby I didn’t want to do this any more….
I can remember doing all of this and yet still laughing at myself on the inside for acting like such a baby when I knew that it wouldn’t last forever.
The midwife offered to check me, I accepted, and I was relieved to find out we were at 10 cm already!!
About 5:30 am, Bubbagirl came downstairs.  She stood in the doorway to the kitchen and stared, unsure of what was going on.  Then she asked Daddy to turn on cartoons.  He tried, then I cried, and he told Bubbagirl she had to wait.  So she stood there, staring at Mommy.
The very moment I could feel the baby’s head I started pushing…. HARD.  I grew impatient between the contractions because I wanted to push again.
The midwife told me later that as the baby’s head was appearing she started to get worried, it looked more like his bottom then the top and she was concerned he had flipped and was coming out breach….
At 5:49 am he was born, head first….  the confusion was because he was born in the caul.  What she saw was the ambiotic sac, still intact.  Then his little face with his hand pressed up against his cheek.
“Reach down and get your baby” she said.
And so I did.  Head in one hand, bottom in the other….  would you know I pulled his behind up first (had to check to see if we had indoor or outdoor plumbing).
“You wanna bring up his head honey?” she asked, giggling….
Yea, I guess I should huh…As I swiped his little face he started crying…  loudly.
Daddy turned and asked Bubbagirl is she wanted to some see the baby….

Bubbagirl meets Joshua

She practically tried to climb in the tub with us.
She was in love, and stayed close to him at all times.
Hubby called my mom, who was still on the road.
Then he called his mom and dad, who were still on the road.
No one made it here in time.  It was just myself, hubs, the midwife, and Bubbagirl.  The two oldest sisters slept through the entire ordeal.
He was 9 lbs 7 ozs, 21 inches long.
Our first and only son.  The only son of an only son as well.
My father had three daughters, my stepfather had two daughters and so far the only grandchildren born have been girls.  There are just a few happy grandpa’s out there right now not to mention a very proud Daddy!
Things are busy around here, running to doctor’s appointments (for Lil’ Man and Daddy) and getting things in order to go to my mom’s house this weekend to pick up the big sisters (they’ve been gone for a week).  When I get back I’ll look over the comments on the baby shower post and pick the winner!
Thanks to all my buddies, readers, and tweeters who helped me through and listened to all my whining in those final weeks waiting for Peanut!  HE was sooo worth the wait!

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