New Plan

Bad mornings, new game plan, and accountability. Wanna play?

I’ve been awake for almost two hours. The coffee and meds are doing nothing for my raging headache. My inability to determine what caused the headache is negatively affecting my attitude. The house is only a half-step away from being trashed thanks to a last minute dinner party for 12 that was thrown together at 5 pm yesterday.
Maybe that caused the headache.
Unfortunately, I’m an adult, with four children and enough animals to start my own zoo. This means I must get up, and get going.
But how do you get going when you were overwhelmed by your to-do list? How are you supposed to make a new plan when you’re head is pounding and your body feels like an old punching bag after a workout session?
I don’t know. I was hoping you did.
New Plan
I dug through my old day planner and found my “Mostly Just The Basics” note cards that I made years ago, when I first started getting sick.  They are a bit of an old standby plan that usually can pull me out of a housekeeping hole when my brain is on overload.
Each day is split into four parts: Morning, Around Lunchtime, Afternoon Before Dinner, and After Dinner. If I remember how I did the math, each section takes no more than an hour….unless I get on a roll, which happens, just not today.
Card “Day Three”:

  • Morning: Collect Dirty Laundry, Start Load Laundry, Bathroom Sinks/Mirrors, Porches, Dust Fan & Lamps.
  • Midday: Dry Laundry, Take Out Garbage, Empty Dishwasher, Make Beds
  • Afternoon: Fold Laundry, Sweep Floors, Gather Eggs & Wash, Quick Pick Up (living room), “Mop” Floors <–totally not what you think
  • After Dinner: Load Dishwasher/Wash Pots, Clean Counters and Table

Not too bad considering the kids can totally collect the laundry, sweep the porches, move the laundry to the dryer, do the bathrooms, take out the garbage, the teen emptied the dishwasher last night when she couldn’t sleep, make their own beds, sweep the floors, gather eggs, “mop” the floors, and I can fold laundry while re-binge watching House on Netflix {It’s too soon to re-watch Supernatural}.
What also helps is that I’m in love with my Norwex and it makes swiping the sinks and mirrors and “mopping” the floors super easy. But this isn’t a sales pitch for Norwex. I’m happy to tell you about it anytime, just message me!
That leaves me with: dusting the fan (they are too short, even with my Norwex wand), folding laundry, loading the dishes after dinner, and fixing them food.  That’s 3 things, and basic survival (food). I CAN do three things today. I’ll probably do more…. once I get going. But somehow knowing that if I start feeling that bad, they can do it, helps me feel less overwhelmed.
So why am I still in bed, sipping coffee and nursing my slowly waning headache?
Because no one is here to tell me to get off my backside. I need a friend, or 15, to cheer on and to cheer me on. Accountability Friends are what really get the “Just the Basics” plan going. Won’t you join me?
Hop over to the Polka Dotted Daisies Facebook Page and let me know you’re on the team and let me know what THREE things you’re going to try and do today! Feel free to copy my “Just the Basics” list above.
When we get 15 people on the team, we’ll have a contest for a team name!
For now, I’ll share a secret to how I feel productive while sitting on my tush:
I start laundry. BWAHAHAHAHA… the sound of that machine churning away makes me feel like I’m getting something accomplished, yet… I am doing absolutely nothing! So, first, I shall start the laundry. Let the delegating begin!  {Can’t wait to “meet” you on the page!}

How NOT to make homemade laundry detergent.

1898 advertising poster
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This post is going to be short and sweet because Peanut is stirring!
Yesterday I decided to make some homemade laundry detergent.  I love the stuff and it works great with our cloth diapers.  I had run out of the pre-packaged SAHM stuff that I bought online a while ago.  So I searched for some recipes, found them all the be almost identical, and then decided to follow my friend Amy’s recipe instead.
I had to use what I had around the house so our mixture included Ivory soap, Borax, and OxyClean (for the washing soda).
I want to let you know that the part in her recipe where she says LOW HEAT… she means it ya’ll.  LOW HEAT.. as in DO NOT BOIL or even let it simmer…
Ever act stupid and put bubble bath in a jacuzzi or hot tub? Yeah, you get that effect when you boil soap on the stove.  Taderbug was stirring for me and once I dumped in the oxyclean my pot started to look like something from a Halloween display!  I grabbed the pot and moved it to the sink where I think it overflowed bubbles for over 5 minutes(with no added heat!)
All came out well in the end, my kitchen sink is clean, and for hours last night the entire house smelled Ivory clean.  I scored 2 gallons of laundry detergent (four bottles) for less then a couple bucks!  I think I might bag some ‘kits’ up and sell them at our yard sale.
Do you make your own detergent?  Do you stick to a tried and true recipe or do you swap out whats available?

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Wasn't there a challenge?

blue clothes
Image by Avagirl_Taderdoodles via Flickr

Ah yes… on TUESDAY it seems I challenged myself to finish putting the girls laundry away.
Well, aside from getting school work done and moving the blogs I haven’t done much of anything.
That’s okay though. The laundry is all washed, it’s just that PILE of clothes for the girls that need to be sorted.  I’m considering taking on the task this evening.  Hubby is still out of town for work and since I don’t watch “our shows” without him, I can put a movie in for the kids and hang out upstairs to sort, fold and put away.
Once it’s done I know I’ll feel better.
Then again, I have no plans for this weekend. Netflix on the laptop while folding laundry on my bed sounds like a plan too.

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Tuesday: Tackling the Laundry…my 15 minute challenge for today.

**Follow my progress on twitter: #tbtc15  , and share yours!**

It’s shocking just how well our new “one persons laundry per day” rule is working out!  I was feeling ill over the weekend and had to do our towel day on Monday, along with my laundry, but even being about a half day behind we’re still doing great!  Having Bubbagirl’s day be on Wednesday gives me a good buffer for catching up mid week.  Her loads are never full loads (her clothes are tiny), so it’s easy to toss in Doodlebug’s and get caught up quickly.

Our piles of dirty laundry are minimal.

It’s the clean clothes that are now piling up.

I STILL haven’t sorted through the big girls items to take out the too-small-or-too-dirty stuff. 

oh pick a color LOL

This is a lovely picture, taken by my Taderbug, from weeks ago!  It’s worse now.  So today, I want to try and tackle it.  It’s overwhelming.  Pair it with my discomfort from the pregnancy and I just don’t want to do it.

I hate how it looks though.

I hate listening to the girls whine about not being able to find clothes when OBVIOUSLY they have clothes to wear!

So today, WE (the girls too) are going to do at least two 15 minute challenges focused entirely on this pile of clean laundry!  To be accountable, I’m going to take pictures and show them in my twitter feed!  Follow along with the #tbtc15 (Too Busy To Clean 15) hashtag and share with us what YOU tackled today!

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Finally, some success in the laundry room!

Last week I did a complete overhaul of the chores routine in this house.  It needed it.  I needed it.  With a new baby on the way someone needed to be trained NOW in how to help out around here.

The best idea that came out of the entire thing?  My new laundry schedule.  Essentially, there is a day for each person, with Saturday being our towel/linens day. 


The stairwell to the garage USED to be our main hamper. 


Or the floor.


any floor would do.


Now, however, someone is in charge every day of gathering laundry that ‘accidently’ didn’t make it to the appropriate person’s hamper or bag and put it in the correct hamper/bag.

Now, every day, there is one load of laundry done – for ONE specific person, and THEY are responsible for getting it downstairs, washing it, drying it, and putting it away.  It has to be done that day so the machines are empty for the next person. 

Want to know if it’s working? 

Three weeks ago my dear sweet wonderfully tactful husband said, upon entering the garage:

“Hey honey, ya think this laundry will ever be .. um.. like ALL done? “

I refrained from sticking my 24 week pregnant foot up his 33 year old rumpus.  Honestly, I was afraid he’d hit the dryer and break it, he’s a hefty kind of guy.

Last night, I asked him to run downstairs and check to see if the towels were done (I was a day behind because we had company on Saturday).  He came upstairs asking where the laundry was hiding.

I calmly said “it’s ALL done.”


Do you have a laundry schedule? Do you delegate or tackle it all yourself?

What do you mean you have no pants?

Can some one PLEASE explain this to me?
How can I do 1-2 loads of laundry EVERY DAY…
and yet, my wonderful husband gets up EVERY DAY and struggles to find pants…
or a shirt…
or heaven-help-me socks or underwear!
It’s not like we have another boy in the house that might take them!!
He needs FOUR pairs of dress slacks and a pair of jeans to wear to work in any given week, YET I can’t seem to keep them washed….
(I even went a whole week where I didn’t wash ANY of my clothes, just stuff for him and the girls)
SO, my question… do you have a game plan with your laundry?  Do you wash everyone’s stuff together? Do you wash kids clothes one day and grown up clothes the next?
I’d love your input!!