The ever growing to do list.

Hey ya’ll.  I know, this is supposed to be a post of one of my great grandma’s recipes.
Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit depressed lately (there.isaidit.)  Nothing harsh like before.  I can just feel the spiral beneath me ready to suck me in and during a couple of real good cryfest-pittyparties it almost got me.
Hubby has been sent out of town for work almost every week for two months.  He goes again next week.  I have in laws visiting this weekend and my mom visiting next weekend because our oldest daughter turns 9 on Halloween.
My house is a wreck.  My toddler is a whirling dervish. My attitude is quite frankly just bad.
The good news is, my house can be cleaned, I’ve lost 5 lbs and started the couch to 5k, and I have a couple of orders to complete. Hubby will be home all day today and his parents will take the big kids out tomorrow to give me a little break (aka time to work).
We are supposed to go see a car salesman today about a bigger vehicle.  I’m praying hard that we will make the correct choice here.  Every time I ask for guidance I get an answer, conflicting answers.  I know this is because there is an outcome I want and things are being filtered through those desires. Right now I’m feeling like it might be a waste of our time.
I got in some new fabrics AND new PUL so I’m looking forward to getting some more bibs made!  I’m also considering making one of each of my items as a matching set to list together.  Guess I should probably finish the Halloween costumes first huh?

Channeling my inner beer commercial…

(Now, I’m wondering if it was a beer commercial or not…oh well)

Wow, how a week can flip so fast!  God is really testing me this week 🙂
Hubby was sent out of town for three days – last minute thing.  Today was karate, tomorrow is ballet AND we were hoping to get a call about a possible Yukon Denali for sale.  Now IF the call comes in I’ll have to do negotiations over the phone OR take all four kids to the dealership alone.  I keep praying that we’ll make the right decision with this.  It could be a really good thing or a really bad thing and I have a hard time knowing the difference when deep down I WANT it so much.
I’ve been all caught up in my new plan to get healthy. I’d like to say that’s why I haven’t blogged lately but we all know I’m just flighty and easily distracted – SQUIRREL!!
I started the Couch to 5K yesterday and surprisingly survived.  I have run since…well, ever.
In a week I have managed to get my jeans up almost all the way.  My goal was by Thanksgiving so I’m not complaining at all.
I was staying up late tonight, since hubby is gone, and was planning on sewing but now I’m on a caffeine crash.  I want to get a few new things listed in my ArtFire shop since my buddy at Just the 10 of us is hosting a giveaway for MY SHOP!  Check out her review of my Lil Dribbler!
OH!  I keep forgetting!  I did my first guest post 🙂  (Did I tell you this already?)
It’s over on Smockity Frocks blog, it’s a recipe for Potato Bread!
I guess I have yapped enough for one night.  So before my typos get out of hand I’m going to take my lil man and find a place for us to sleep.  The big girls have taken over my bed since Daddy is gone.

Fail to plan, plan to fail..

Not so. At least not with me.
Here I am again. Trying to get the kids to go to bed, or at least settle down for some quiet time.  Reading tweets from other moms whose kids have either BEEN in bed for a while already or they are skipping off to put themselves to bed nicely.
I feel lost.  I feel defeated.   I’d give just about anything for them to go to bed without a fuss.  It will be another two hours before everyone is asleep.  We’ve tried bedtime routines, soft music, white noise, aroma therapy, quiet time, down time, warm jammies, hot baths…I even told my oldest to pray for people until she ran out of names.  (well… it puts me to sleep!)
So for the next two hours I will sit here on the couch, trying to keep quiet, and I’ll make up my mental plan for tomorrow.   In a few minutes I’ll get up to go to the little girls room (wait for it, I have a point to this) where I will notice how much their bathroom could use a good cleaning.  I’ll think, “gee, that wouldn’t take more then 15 minutes or so”, and I’ll put it on the to do list.  I’ll pass by the load of laundry piling up in the hallway and think “gee, I should take that downstairs”, and put it on my list.  Sometimes I’ll even put time limits next to the things on my list.
Dishes  10 min
Vacuum 2 min
Dust 5 min
Bathroom 15 min
Make beds 5 min
I work fast, and I HAVE had my house pretty tidy in under an hour.
I make a plan.  I feel good about the plan.  I go to bed and dream about the plan.
Then I wake up.  The plan begins to fail almost immediately.
The drama. The whining. The unexpected phone call. The burnt lunch.
Then it’s 5 o’clock.
Hubby is home. Nothing will get done now.
Even as I’m typing my plan of what this post would be has failed.  I did have a point.  It was a good one too I think.
Oh well.  There is much grumbling upstairs…. and I must find my notebook and pencil.  I must plan for tomorrow.

10 Weeks and counting…. down

Daddy and Bubbagirl

We are so blessed to be having our little Peanut.
On that same note, in all honesty, I am so very tired of being pregnant.  I do not have the same giggly excitement I had with the others.
For the most part, I think it’s the pain that keeps me from really enjoying it this go around.  I have not been able to walk or sit comfortably since the second month.  Laying down has now become a complicated circus act to find the ‘right’ spot. Only to be called on by one of our lovely daughters, lose my spot, and have to start all over again.
I am tired, and frustrated.
I want to want to have a date night with my husband again (thank you wacked out hormones).
Come to find out I really like the guy.
I find myself getting angry at family who “offer” things that on the front seem helpful or enjoyable, but they don’t see that it is just going to wear me out, cause me stress, or put me further behind.
I am becoming more selfish every day.  I don’t like that.  Some say that it’s okay to be a little selfish.  They say I need to say ‘no’ once in a while.  They say I’m not being selfish, I’m being prideful; insisting that I can still do all of this all by myself.
I’m not sure who is right.
I know I’m ready for the final countdown.  I’m ready to have my body back.  I’m ready to feel normal again.
And most important, I’m ready to hold little Peanut in my arms instead of just patting his/her little booty through my tummy.

What am I an elephant?

baby elephant | playing in the waterImage by Adam Foster | Codefor via Flickr

I’m a mom, forgetting things is normal


“Mom, you forget to wash my favorite dress!”

“Mom, you forget to buy more Inspector Hector!”

“Honey, did you remember to turn off the oven?”

“Hey darlin’, how’s that paperwork from two months ago coming along?”

“Umm, sweetheart, is there a reason the eye of the stove is still on?”

“Mom! It’s freezing in here!” (as they get out of bed to a house that’s 58 degrees)

Apparently, turning the heat BACK on after the warm afternoon has dipped back to 30 degrees slipped my mind entirely.

It would seem life has left me a few too many loose ends this week.  Anyone want to come walk behind me and make sure I don’t burn the place down? (or freeze us all!)

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