Taking a stab at OAMC (Freezer Cooking)

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I was about to post about how disappointed I am with the recipes I’m finding for Once a Month Cooking (OAMC).  Many of them are “put chicken and marinade in freezer bag”.  That’s not cooking, I can do that any day of the week when I grocery shop.  Making lasagna in advance is cooking.
Then I looked further and saw that on any given menu (in the book I checked out), there are multiple recipes that are essentially the same thing.  Apparently cooking BBQ chicken using 3 different recipes counts as different meals.  Not to me it doesn’t.  I wanted some variety.
As I thought about how I was going to voice my unsatisfied opinion I realized I’m just utterly bored with food in general.  Every time I think I want to cook something I get bummed over how it’s all the same stuff.
I have picky eaters.  I am a picky eater.  I have a tiny one that doesn’t want momma in the kitchen, he wants momma in her chair feeding him.  Fancy dishes are not going to happen.  Dishes where food touches ( as in soups or casseroles) are not going to fly with the young crowd here.
I guess I’ll have to stick to what they will eat *yawn*, and build from there.  So I’m hoping to make my mac and cheese recipe in a pot, them move it to big muffin tins lined with saran wrap and foil.  Once frozen I can take out one mac and cheese “muffin” for each person and reheat.  I may even take a stab at making my own frozen pizzas!  Thanks to Candance at FrugalMom.net, I now have a great chicken nugget recipe to try!
For those who might read this and have tried OAMC before I have a few questions:
1.  Do you only prepare entrees? Or do you sometimes prepare sides as well?
2.  What is your favorite recipe?
3.  Have you tried anything the just did NOT work out right?
4. What’s your favorite way to freeze stuff? any tricks or tips for me?
Thanks all!!

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