Today's To Do List

1. Wake up
2. Drop to my knees
3. Thank God
4. Pray for my husband, who let me sleep in while he went off to work.
5. Pray for my children, that they will be great despite my all-too-often poor parenting choices.
6. Pray for my friends and my extended family.
7. Pray for those that need my forgiveness, even if I don’t feel they deserve it, do it any way
8. Ask for forgiveness, especially for the things I don’t deserve to be forgiven for.
9. Thank God
10. Listen

My new laminated prayer list

I wanted a better way to keep track of my prayer list and I wanted it visible so the kids would pray with me.
So, I doodled me up a laminated prayer list for my fridge.  A simple dry erase marker makes it easy to add and remove names!

You can get your own in my ArtFire shop for $1.