I can almost hear the school bell

Next Monday we begin our new school year here at the Crazy House Baldwin Academy Baldwin School of Misfits… um home. This summer, Mr. Daddy Principal Man helped me squooosh all four kids into one room, move all my sewing stuff downstairs and turn our third bedroom into an official school room!

The kids are so very excited! I’m almost done getting everything ready for Monday, just a few more things to print out and get in their folders!
Next, I’ll write up what our curriculum is going to be this year….other than fun, fun and fun!
Where do you school?
and…uh.. does your school have a name?

Bedroom Cleaning for Kids

I mentioned way back in 2010 that my friend Jenn was starting a series on organization called “Taming the Tornado”. Well the time has come to get your rear in gear and start tackling the mess.  This week she begins with her daughter’s room.
Since we also have girls, and their room is a complete disaster area most days, I gladly jumped in and tried to tame that tornado first.
First, I ordered the Clean n Flip: Bedroom Cleaning for Kids book from The Old Schoolhouse Store.
When it arrived, I immediately (really, I dropped everything and left) went to the dollar general store to buy 4 laundry baskets (smallish). Then labeled them according to the directions in the flip book.
I labeled them Return, Toys, Clean Clothes and Blankets/Stuffed Animals.  That last one was supposed to be books but we keep all books downstairs, so our books would be in the return basket.
I also picked up some wide Sterlite Drawers, two sets.
The girls had fun with the flip chart.  I had fun with my notecards and tape making labels for the drawers. Daddy stood in the doorway with Cranky Baby begging us to go faster for the entire 3 hours that it took to get it done.
You would think I would have taken pictures.
Maybe I was too tired.
I’d take them now, but the room is trashed.  It wasn’t trashed this morning when I was planning on writing this post.  That was before they woke up.  That was before all my plans for the day fell apart.  Knowing, deep down, that it won’t be clean again until after 8, and that my post would be written close to midnight again makes me angry.  I don’t need to be more upset today so I’ll just post without pics for now.
Instead, I’ll leave you with my funny vlog post from a few days ago where I cleaned the baby-school-music-extracraftstuff room!