Snuggle Girl

6 A.M.

I’m not really a morning person. I’m also not a “talk to people when I first wake up” person. Since we have children, I have to tell my “not a morning person” self to get over it and get up early in order to have some quiet before the day gets started. Two things put a monkey wrench in this plan: Children who wake up too early and Children I can’t risk waking up too early.
Despite my amazing ninja skills, developed over 15 years of motherhood, there are mornings where someone senses a disruption in the force. They venture out to find me hiding in the dark, with coffee and my Bible app. They commandeer my lap and start making early morning requests for food, drink, and blankets.
Kid, if you were cold you should have stayed in bed. 
So much for getting a quiet start. Too often I end up wearing some, if not all, of my coffee; and instead of getting a jump on my chores, I get to scroll Facebook while someone goes back to sleep – on me. Now, I know these days shall pass, and I really do try to enjoy these cuddle moments.  It requires a lot of mental focus for me to remember to cherish the disruption and that kind of mental effort at 6 A.M. pretty much guarantees I’ll be useless until after lunch.
We have mornings like this morning. It’s 6 A.M. and I awoke all on my own without an alarm. Moon is still up, making it ridiculously dark in our house. If I make coffee, the dog outside will hear it perk and bark, which could wake the kids. If I turn on any lights, the dog will see that someone is awake, bark, and probably wake the kids. If I start the washing machine, which is beautifully quiet when it’s running, the clicking sound of the door locking could wake the kids.  I could hide in bed and watch a little Mom-TV (Hello This is Us) since my Roku remote has a headphone jack; but since I cleaned my bedroom last week, I haven’t been able to find my headphones anywhere.
So here I sit, with my water from last night, writing up a to-do list by the light of my phone screen, waiting for the sun to rise so I can tip toe around and tidy up without alerting any of the other living, sleeping, beings in our family.
Today, I will remember the days I had to leave for work at 4:30 A.M.
Today, I will reminisce about  all nighters with nursing babies.
Today, I will push away the thought that one day, I’ll wake up at 6 A.M. with no reason to tip-toe around, because they won’t be sleeping under my roof anymore.
Until then, I’d really like to find my headphones.
-Just Lisa

homemade oreos

Sneaky teens…I mean, adults.

homemade oreos
Boy, I thought my days of being sneaky ended when I grew up, moved out, and started living on my own. (Not that I was all that sneaky as a teenager)
If I had known I needed amazing ninja skills as an adult, I would have practiced sneaking around more as a kid.
I’ve never had to sneak around so much in my life!
I sneak off to the closet to eat chocolate, so the kids don’t ask for any.
I say I’m taking a bath when what I’m really doing is hiding in the bathroom to watch Hulu and have a glass of wine.
I stay up late so I can tip toe into the kitchen for a late night snack.
I have to hide things in the van, the closet, the nightstand, the barn – just so I can get gifts on sale and keep them hidden until Christmas or birthdays.
Do you sneak around more as an adult/parent? Or did you do all your sneaking as a kid?