Yes, we have a tv in our school…

I do try to do the right thing.  I do try to NOT let the television be a babysitter.  I fail a lot. Sometimes I just need the two year old to be distracted long enough for me to explain basic division (again) to the nine year old.  Sometimes, however, we make a day of it….
Don’t you remember those days when you’d get to class, sit at your desk, and notice the tv cart in your classroom?  The thrill of knowing you didn’t have to listen to some boring teacher, you would get to listen to some boring guy on tv instead!  At least the boring tv person had visual aids.
We don’t have satellite or cable and I’m really bad about making it back to the library to return videos, so we rely on our Netflix account to supplement our homeschool with fun stuff.
Here are some of our favorite shows that we can stream right to the tv or computer:

  • National Geographic – most of these are great, some my kids are too young to pay attention too
  • Sid the Science Kid
  • Super WHY
  • Little House on the Prairie (won’t stream, but you can get the DVD’s)
  • Discovery Channel documentaries
  • Mythbusters
  • The History Channel documentaries
  • BBC Science shows
  • PBS documentaries (we love the one on National Parks)
  • Musicals like Oliver and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Sometimes I can’t get them to agree to sit and watch but if I leave it playing, they seem to gather near and start watching.
Do you use Netflix or Blockbuster in your school?  What shows do you enjoy watching?