Indian Headdress: A Thanksgiving Craft

One of our easy Thanksgiving Day crafts this year was our Indian Headdresses.

First I doodled up some feathers!

You can download my pdf file here :Feathers
I gave each girl 3 printouts (6 feathers total) for our craft and sent them off to color them in however they wanted.  We had some pretty wild feathers before we were done! Then they cut them out.
I took a paper grocery bag and cut off the top, roughly 2-3 inches wide.

After sizing it to my kid’s noggin I used my stapler to form a simple headband.
**Make sure to staple the TOP of the staples to the inside, so it doesn’t scratch their head. YES, you can use tape or glue, however thanks to my recent swapping of craft room and school room I cannot find either**
Next, I folded all the little feathers somewhere along the mid line just to help them stand up better.

Then I stapled them to the inside back of the headbands.

Easy peasy…  now to send my little Pocahontas Girls out to play!

A Thanksgiving Coloring Prompt: Food

What food are you thankful for?
Today we are coloring plates full of our favorite foods!

Join in by downloading our Thankful for our Food Coloring Page


Here is what my girls are thankful for:
This is Taderbug’s. She is thankful for chicken nuggets, oranges, spaghetti, peas, and hmmm… maybe those are raisins.
My Doodlebug is thankful for green beans, chicken, oranges and juice.  There is more on this plate but she ran off before I could get the details.
If your little ones would like to share what they are thankful for link up with the Mr. Linky below!  I’d love to see what they doodle!