13 Things I learned this Christmas (Thursday Thirteen 2nd Edition)

13 Things I learned this Christmas…. in no particular order…

1. If God wants you to sing that particular song during the Christmas play then it WILL happen, whether you think you stink or not.

2. Kids may goof off during rehearsal, throw fits, and refuse to sing, but come Sunday morning they “play” their hearts out!

3. It’s really okay to NOT spoil them at Christmas.

4. Doll Houses take a LONG time to build (I don’t care what the box says)

5. Doll Houses do NOT take a long time to get broken….

6. Popcorn, Orange Crush and Frozen Pizza make a great Christmas Eve dinner if it’s shared with your family while curled up on the couch watching movies.

7. The tree looks great with all the ornaments at the bottom.

8. Kids can understand that it’s about Jesus…. not Santa Claus

9. I can be bribed to attend any party if there are meatballs and stuffing.

10. Sometimes leaving a few gifts unwrapped is awesome!!

11. If you want it videotaped, best do it yourself.

12. Always keep an extra something under the tree, you never know who’s going to show up.

13. We’re gonna need a bigger Christmas budget next year… looks like Santa will deliver for three…. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

Change is in the air! (and my first Thursday Thirteen!)

Some of you have clicked through to my main domain www.taderdoodles.com and most of you have probably noticed that not much has changed in a while. That’s because constantly updating the html was becoming a pain in the tush. I finally took a little time to start working on it again and it is once again in the process of reconstruction. I’m trying to find something wonderful for the new year. Something that I can really do what I want with. Unfortunately this whole process (now being redone for the fifth time) has served to remind me that I picked the wrong hosting package and probably should have gone with the hosting company I had two years ago, instead of this new one.

I’m sure deep down they are a great host. I’ve had NO downtime and that’s a great thing. They offer lots of free extras. But after spending some time with customer support yesterday I really had to fight the urge to slap someone. I had inquired about deleting the whole site and taking it back to the default setup, so that I could start over. They said I could delete the added files one by one. AGH! There have been a lot of things I have messed with over the past six months and I wanted it all put back the way it was!

At 5 am this morning, I found the magic delete and restore button all by myself. I am now in the process of starting over. Why I am even attempting to do this the week before Christmas I don’t know. I have a ton of other things I need to do, and I have resolved to start on them no later than 7 am this morning! If I don’t then I’ll be pulling an all nighter tonight.


On a lighter note! I’m still a Top Momma but I need your help to stay there! See the Top Momma graphic on the right? PLEASE click on it…. I’ve lasted a little over a day so far, but I don’t want the fun to end yet! Besides, there are a lot of other great Top Momma’s on there, you might find something fun and new!


Thirteen Things that Momma TaderDoodles still has to finish…before tomorrow!

1. Get the girls pictures separated and mailed.
2. Post to the Mommy Auctions Blog
3. Put acrylic on those terrible ornaments
4. Post another homeschooling tip.
5. Make the cinnamon ornaments.
6. Wrap the lasts presents.
7. Finish eating the frosting that I hid in the fridge…..
8. Risk life to take girls to in laws for a movie.
9. Take car to shop for tires (so we won’t be risking our lives anymore).
10. Take car to different shop for oil change.
11. Literally RUN through Walmart trying to ONLY buy what I need.
12. Make fifteen billion batches of cookies to take to mom… oh yeah, don’t forget the rice crispie treats.
13. Thank God that I have family and a home and cookies to make and a car to take to the shop and presents to wrap.

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