I might be addicted…

to squash.
Yellow squash.
Possibly onions as well.
Last Tuesday I fixed risotto with caramelized onions and squash and carrots and fresh bread.
Last Friday I fixed a medley of frozen veggies….that included yellow squash.
Sunday I made sauteed squash and carrots and sweet onion with pulled BBQ chicken on fresh bread.
Last night, I pureed the leftovers and mixed it into a potato soup, extra cheesy….with more fresh bread.

I’m a little concerned that my diet might be a little high in squash and bread.

A Birthday Dinner for my Prince…

Today is my Prince’s birthday. For the next 24 days he will be the same age as I am and we joke every year about it.
We do stuff for each other throughout the year so presents are usually colored pictures from the kids and a yummy meal.
This year I made up a recipe for his dinner. Stuck to his favorites: beef, veggies, beer.
For a veggie we had butter fried squash with sweet onions and carrots.
For dinner, I took out half a london broil I had purchased 1/2 off a few weeks ago and put it on the George Foreman for a while.
When the meat was done, I set it on the cutting board to sit while I tossed a tortilla on the Foreman (soaking up the goodness!). Moved that to his plate and layered red leaf lettuce and shredded mozzarella cheese on top of it. Sliced up the beef and filled the tortilla with strips, then poured on a little A1 (cracked pepper variety).
Hubby loved it! I did too, which is odd, normally only one of us are in love with something new I make.
I’d share a picture, but …there wasn’t anything left to take a picture of.
Happy Birthday Honey!